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  1. Thanks for the advice! I think will stick to propecia if I don’t come across any side effects.
  2. Yeah, maybe 1 mg a day is a overkill like you say. But I will experiment every dose. If the problem stops, I will stop the build up. Thanks for your help!
  3. Oh, that’s fine then. You’re killing two birds with one stone.
  4. 5 mg what? That’s too much! You don’t need that much. Please lower your dose to at least 1 mg. Im guessing that you’re taking proscar which is 5 mg. You have to split that pill into 4 pieces. Don’t consume all of the pill! 5 mg is taken for prostate. 1 mg is taken for male pattern baldness. I split my pills to adjust my body to the drug. Instant drop of dht is not good for the body. My knowledge of this subject is limited so ask your doctor please.
  5. I was planing to take propecia a month ago but life happened and I didn’t had any time to buy propecia. But today I bought them. The reason Im writing this is to show my plan to adapt my body to the meds. (Im open to changing if it’s not a good plan) So here is my plan: First and Second month: 0.25 every 3 days Third and Fourth month: 0.50 every 3 days Fifth and Sixth month: 0.50 every day Seventh month and forward: 1 mg every day I know that the drug will lose it’s affect after years of use and Im okay with getting a transplant when needed. I will also look after
  6. Well you’re right about the things you said. But I will take propecia under the surveillance of a doctor. I think my hair getting affected by dht. (I will take a blood test to fully understand) All of my body is covered with body hair. (High sign of dht) And I work out regularly and I have a beard which is not fully developed yet and I also eat healthy. My lifestyle is a healthy one. It’s most likely genetics that’s causing this. (My father is a norwood 7) But I will update this once I done my blood tests. Then we can fully understand the problem. Also Sorry If I made any grammar mistakes I do
  7. Hi Im a 19 year old (I posted before) and Im going to start taking propecia next week. I want to ask will it halt my beard development? Are side effects common? Are there reverseble? And Is propecia enough? Or should I add anything else? And what is your propecia experience? Did you had any side effects? How long have you been using it? And Is there anyone here that started at my age? (I added this tags to that people my age can see it and learn)
  8. Hopefully 1 month from now on I will be taking propacia. It will be hard to convince my parents though... But I will listen to you guys. This is why I signed up to this forum. To get advice from people who suffered hair loss like me. And learn from them.
  9. Well the problem is my parents. It will be hard to convince them that I need the take meds. And my sister is getting married in one month. Is it okay to wait until my sister get married then talk this matter with my parents? It will be easier to convince them after my sister is married. Also I don’t want a norwood 0 or norwood 1 hairline. I just want to keep my hair as it is. So I will be taking your advices. Thank you guys!
  10. Hi. Im kinda scared of taking propacia while Im 19 I don’t want to mess up my body. Also I want to ask something. 1. What is my norwood chart placement? 2. Is taking propacia while Im 19 is safe? Also thank you for your replies. Hair loss at my age sucks. But this is a path some of us have to walk through...
  11. Hi so Im 19 years old and I have noticed my hairline moving back and my hair is falling off everyday. And my father is norwood 7. My brother who is 34 also has baldness. He had a hair transplant without taking any meds. So his transplant looks pluggy to cover all of his head and I don’t want my hair to be like that. I think Im norwood 2 which is very bad for my age. Im thinking of starting to take propacia when Im 22 take it for a year. Then I will have a hair transplant with Dr. Koray Erdogan when Im 23. The reason I don’t want to start propacia is that my body is still devoloping (most of th
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