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  1. I have not taken minoxidil because I fear that it will ruin the natural hairs I already have. Other than my crown, every other area is relatively fine. Also i have been taking finasteride 3 times a week, what is the success rate with stopping hair loss and sometimes regrowth of hair with finasteride and how long does it take to see the effects? Also will I see more shedding in the early stages of taking finasteride?
  2. Perhaps there are more falling out, but what I am sure of is that the top of my crown is shedding and thinning. For that reason I wanted some insight on what is the first step I should take. I have heard dermatologists sometimes can inject a steroid, also they can provide an opinion on what the problem is.
  3. I really can’t put a number on it. But whenever I come out of the shower I see 20-40 in the tub. But these are guesses nonetheless.
  4. Hey I have stressed out lately because it seems that I am losing hair everyday. I am a 24yo male and I have recently just started taking finasteride 1mg 3 days a week to lessen the side effects if I were to have any. Also, I have been taking saw palmetto, biotin, and other vitamins. I would like to first go to dermatologist before any other further actions to get a diognosis on whether I am deficient in anything and get a blood test. Are there any good and affordable dermatologists in Illinois that any of you can recommend. Also, do most of them take insurance, and what is the cost without ins
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