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  1. I think the SMP prior to Transplant is an interesting idea and in my opinion could work, but only in very specific situations. There are definitely a lot of factors to consider and unfortunately not a ton of examples out there. This video probably a decent reference and is actually the guy who did my small SMP session years ago I had SMP on a small area (approx 2"x2") to cover a bald spot on the top/front of my head from an old injury. It made the bald spot much less noticeable for a while (~7 years) HOWEVER once I started to experience diffuse male pattern baldness the
  2. can retinol, specifically tretinoin, help hair regrowth when combined with minoxidil and topical finasteride
  3. Have a bit of a unique hair situation would like to get some additional input on best way forward. 32 yrs old, minoxidil on and off for last 5 years, never tried fin - not interested in it short or long term I have a bald patch in the middle of frontal hair zone but behind the hairline. This stems from a childhood injury, never stitched up the wound and the spot gradually grew until I stopped growing. That area has been stable for last 15 years - and I had SMP there about 8 years ago to help camouflage the scalp. The SMP + toppik + combover helped conceal the area for a while while the so
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