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  1. Hi there - amazing job! I am considering getting a Ht at BHR. Did you get it in Brussels or Athens?
  2. yes 2.5 That is what I was offered to get the HT in Athens, but Bisanga would only oversee the surgery and everything will be done by someone else (except for making the recipient sites, that he would do with another doctor). I am not sure what to think about it... in Brussels it would be 4/graft, which leads to a very expensive bill - but he would punch the extraction sites and make the recipient sites himself. I think I will need to find a middle ground. I am now browsing the forum looking for experiences of people who got their HT in Athens. It seems he did a lot of the work for most of the
  3. Thank you all guys! I reached out to Dr Bisanga and I am going to make an appointment. He estimated I would need around 2400 grafts and he told me about BHR clinic in Athens. He offered a cheaper arrangement in Athens, the main difference consisting in everything being done by other people under his watch (except for making the recipient sites together with another doctor). Before I go into the consultation I wanted to ask: what's your opinion about BHR in Athens and what real difference could I expect? I am particularly nervous about the extraction sites punching, which as far as I know
  4. UPDATE: I filled out the online form that’s in the BHS Athens website and I heard back. They asked for more pics to see the donor area and I sent the ones here below. I should get their feedback soon. The light in my bathroom is very strong that’s why I took the pics there (and that’s why the scalp is very visible - less shadows than irl)
  5. Same for me, no side effects. I have good sex. Not really huge loads, but that’s prob bc I have sex too often and the tank takes time to refill lol When I wait a couple of days my loads are normal so I would say finasteride had no significant effect on me.
  6. Sorry I still don’t get it. You mean the FUT HT would allow getting more transplants whereas the FUE would not and I would need to go for a second HT to fill my scalp even more? I’ve seen pretty dense results with FUE were posted on this forum, I thought there was no difference. Also, when you suggest a conservative hairline, what do you mean? Many people use that expression but idk what it refers to
  7. I know it’s used in Italy, mainly on the face to stimulate the cells to produce collagen and naturally fill wrinkles and improve the quality of the skin (turns back the clock). Some doctors do it on the scalp for hair regrowth. I haven’t found a place for it in Belgium, though...
  8. What do you mean by “conservative hairline”? And can you elaborate on why FUT would last for longer? I thought FUE and FUT were equivalent. Thanks!
  9. Nanofat seems a promising addition to PRP injections, minoxidil and other therapies to regrow hair. Has anyone ever tried it? Seems pretty expensive. https://ciinmagazine.com/beauty/ciin22072001-latest-hair-growth-injectable/
  10. It begs the question: do implanted grafts really dodge the effect of DHT? I believe if one does not halt alopecia, both the implants and native hair will eventually fall out bc that's what the body is prone to doing.
  11. Hi guys, thanks for your feedback! I'd like to address your comments: Thanks for the recommendation. I see Bisanga is worshipped in this forum and I would like to schedule a consultation with him I'd like to know what he has to say. I really do not like my empty temples, they make it hard to have longer hairstyles. Do you think if I get a lower hairline it will not blend with my native hair? Thanks for your advice, I'll definitely keep it in mind. I feel I might have to wait a little longer and just wait to see if PRP + my therapy can regrow something and stabilize it befo
  12. I think your result is great! If you were to top up some less dense area, how would it work? Would you have to shave everything again? I guess Dr Bisanga would give you a discount on a top up.
  13. I’m sorry if I posted in the wrong section of the forum!
  14. Is your scalp tolerating it ok? Which brand did you get?
  15. I am on Finasteride 1mg and Minoxidik 5% (twice a day). Interested to get your feedback!
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