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  1. Hey man, Thanks! I’m definitely not trying to sound ungrateful, but if you go back to my before surgery pics, I was able to easily disguise my hair loss. Now shaved, there is no disguise. Will just try to be patient and not think about it. Sorry all, not trying to compare my situation to anyone else’s.
  2. Day 14 update: it seems like I am regressing as expected? Let me know what you guys think. I applied minox today for the first time. Also, what do you guys think about where I am at 14 days post op? It’s starting to look bad but this is all expected so I’m not really worried.
  3. Short quick update: Day 10 results after a shower. Hair is wet and is looking very thin 😕
  4. Thank you! I forgot to ask my doctor about how the grafts would be implanted. But I’m beyond excited at how my hairline is looking.
  5. Today is the 7th day after my surgery. Short update, I had just gotten done washing my graft area for the first time. Is the white stuff called scabs or crusts?
  6. Can you expand on not feeling welcomed? For me, healing in a foreign country is absolutely terrifying and a big blocker for me going overseas for this.
  7. Thank you 👏🏼 yeah, I’m in absolutely no pain. Nor did I feel any pain after the surgery. I did take ibuprofen only because the hair tech was so concerned and thought that I was fighting through the pain. Hopefully, I get to see your results! Best of luck boss.
  8. Thanks for the heads up! Yeah, I actually don’t feel any pain or soreness on my donor area. It just looks like a bunch of red random dots lol
  9. Hey @Tentpole91thank you for sharing your journey! Quick question has anyone that doesn’t know about your procedure commented on your right side? And people that do know about your procedure?
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