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  1. Sorry guys, something was wrong with my math. The last update was at 7 months. This is 8 months after a haircut a few days ago. Day 242 first pic is right after a shower. second and third with gel.
  2. @jimcraig152gutted for you. Seems like you have really a similar hair type to myself. Hopefully, things improve more from now until the 12th month.
  3. Thanks! I am currently in treatment for it, two more steroid shots and then I’ll have to get surgery to remove it for good.
  4. Hey all, I got really busy with life and focused my attention on other things mainly work and another cross country move. I recently shared with Dr. Konior pictures of my almost 8 month progress and decided to update here too. Around month 4 everything changed and my hair just starting booming. I no longer think about my hair, and if my this is my final result I am extremely content. I regularly get skin fades and my barber mentioned he is not able to notice anything in regards to my donor. If you’re considering Dr. Konior, and need a sign, this is it. Do it, this has been easily been the best decision in my life. I feel like now I’m at my best 😝
  5. Curious how much this really matters. Tagging @Melvin-Moderatorsince he is pretty knowledgeable and has read a lot of posts here.
  6. Random, but I’m sure many of you guys went through this, but how are you all that are single going on about dating?
  7. @jimcraig152 @Melvin-Moderator @1978matt thank you for your responses. To be honest, I kind of wish I would have kept that “redness” as it would have given more of a hairline illusion 😝
  8. 👋🏼 quick five week update. Everything is still looking bad as expected. Actually the donor looks really good. Have two dates this weekend so I’m a little concerned but we will see.
  9. Thanks man, I’ve been spending some time reading other people’s journeys to not get discouraged.
  10. Nope! Absolutely, zero pain. It did feel like tingling, but that was during the first few days after the procedure. Lately, I sometimes feel like my grafted area feels itchy. Did that also happened to you? Regarding timing, unfortunately I was not able to plan it like how I wanted (this was the soonest I could be seen as Konior has a long waitlist). Every January we had a company kickoff, where the company would fly us all out. Which would be around 4 months in for me. Thankfully or rather unfortunately due to covid that will be canceled. Unsure how long I can go with the beanie on during zoom meetings. I feel like I got my ugly stage fast and hard 😂 I envy you bro hahah. Your growth starting to trend upwards!!
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