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  1. That is concerning, but i think its still ok. 3 months is not a lot of time for your hair to recover. I would wait for at least 6 months before getting to worried about it. patients buddy
  2. Its a stressful process mate I totally understand! at every stage you worry whether things are going OK or whether something is wrong. It's normal to worry but the procedure takes time. You wont have the full effects until almost a year later. But everything is looking on track now you just have to wait. I am looking to do my second transplant with eugenix (my first was done in Australia) as i've heard good things about them. Although I seem to be having some difficulty with their sale rep however maybe thats just a language barrier? not sure. If you dont mind I'd love to know what packa
  3. Wow that's a great price.. Is the surgeon good? Do you have experience or know of anyone with experience with this clinic?
  4. yes i've been reading alot of reviews of the 'chop shops' in turkey :s Where can i find the recommendations on this forum? I've only just joined so i still dont know how to find my way around here haha.
  5. I'm 35. I got my first procedure done march last year (2019) at DHI melbourne by Dr Alexis who did both the extraction and implantation.
  6. thats my natural hair colour haha but thank you. Yes i've done PRP before an it had no effect. I also had PRP on my first transplant to help the new hairs survive and grow. I choose FUE because it has the most minimal scaring. I want the option to have my hair any style i choose so FUT isnt an option I want. Do you have any knowledge of Dr Yaman in turkey or any other surgeons you can recommend?
  7. I just had a look at them, they are very expensive! 350 euro just for consultation, 150 for ever consultation after that and 8000 euro minimum for procedure. This is more than i paid the first time around :s
  8. Thanks for the reply mate As stated above i'm looking for a second FUE which means i've already gone through the process before (in Australia). I've attempted many different medications previously and am currently still on finasteride. when i say 'not expensive' i mean relative to the cost of my operation in Australia (approximately $15,000 AUD). I dont mind it being expensive overall but i'd prefer not to pay that amount again. Happy to post photos of my previous hair line, current hair line and scalp. Please see attached
  9. Hello fellow Hairless men! Looking for advice on getting a second FUE procedure. I didnt get any feedback on my previous question hoping a new topic might help me (if this topic had already been discussed please direct me to it, im new to this forum) I am currently in Ireland (australian citizen) and am looking for a good clinic which is not to expensive. I've been looking into turkey however i know there are alot of 'chop shops' there, does anyone have any recommendations for good surgeons there? i've been considering Dr.Resul Yamans Hair Clinic as he is a "pre-
  10. Well it appears all the feedback about turkey is negative.. This is very scary im glad i havent booked anything! I had heard Dr. Resul Yaman was a good choice in turkey, anyone have any experience with him? How do I find out whether a clinic is on the level or not?
  11. Hello fellow hairless men, Im looking for advice on a second FUE transplant. I had good results on my first procedure (DHI Melbourne,Australia) however i'm currently living in Ireland and would like to get it done on this side of the world before returning home. Anyone have any experience with a second procedure? do they take hair from another area? I am aware that over harvesting is an issue.. I'd also like to not pay an arm and a leg again to get it done, I've been looking into going to Turkey with mixed reviews.. Anyone have any experience there?
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