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  1. Thanks man. I'm waiting for an HONEST opinion from the surgeons, about what they think about my situation and so what chance of a good result I might have with a HT. The reason I'm considering a SMP is because, to some, my hair, donor and NW progression from my family tend to indicate that mine will not turn out to be a good HT. I'm taking medications for that and while I'm waiting for the medications to do their work, I'd like to try and do a SMP. Because from what I know a SMP done with finesse and precision may be able to help a future HT, by giving the HT a more fuller look;
  2. Hey man, I don't have any information or experience regarding SMP, but I read that it can help you camouflage the balding areas, making them seem fuller. I'm also considering doing a SMP, to see if I can rock a bald look; Right now I'm taking madications to make my hairs "stronger" for a transplant, and while I wait for my hair to get stronger, I hope they do, I wanted to try and rock a bald look. I made a post about myself, If you want to take a look, feel free, I'd appreciate it.
  3. Damn you got good game man! hahaha I'm from Italy and I also thought that our hair looked kinda similar, although your scalp seems more covered or with less loss than mine. Any suggestion? I wrote to Pekiner, Heitmann, Bisanga, Freiduni and Eugenix; and am waiting for the replies. Hard thing for now is to get an appointment but that's why I'm starting the medications and taking pictures of my scalp with a microscope. Where are you from? Hope you doing good over there
  4. Thanks man! I'm trying and see if medications can at least stop my HL. If it stops and makes my hair stronger I'm definitely getting a HT... Still I'm considering a Hair Micropigmentation tattoo for the short run, maybe it can help me have a better buzzed look?
  5. Okay, I'll apply it like this then, when it's buzzed I'll put a couple of drops, massage, let it absorb and repeat until I use 1ml; and if it's long just one drop, massage, absorb and repeat right? Is it too much to ask you how much Minoxidill you are applying and how you do it with a short clip? I think I'm doing something wrong as it's always super oily after I finish applying. Maybe is the way I massage...It takes me like 15' to massage in 1ml of Minoxidill in my whole front scalp, is it normal? I've taken a look on your HT post, man you are recovering good despite what happened!!
  6. Any tip on how to apply, let it absorb and when to wash it off? Like I was thinking about applying it early in the morning give it 3/4hrs and wash it off for the day. As you all probably know it sticks to the hair...right now I would not have the problem as I just buzzed my hair. Not long on Fin...about a week, taking about 1mg a day (I slice the 5mg proscar in 5 so 5mg every 5 day).
  7. Not goin to despair for other facial hair...was just considering giving them a "boost" as I don't have much facial hairs to begin with. Oh so foam minoxidill is easier to apply on medium lenght hair? I shaved cause I find it easier to apply minoxidill on shorter hair. How long did you need to see less hair falling after starting medications?
  8. Thanks man for going through such a lengthy post. How are you applying minoxidill? I mean it leaves the hair in a mess after you apply it...how are you dealing with it? Are you massaging it in or are you rubbing it in? I hoped to be assessed a little better but figures, my usual luck haha...I didn't experience the drain clogging but I would sometime run my hand lightly through my hair and count about 60 to 80 hairs in there. Something that is actually stressing me is the fact that I'm already 25 and wouldn't mind going bald at about 30/35yrs...but if I need to wait a year or more to
  9. Hello everyone!! My hair has receded and the top of my hair is thinning, from the Norwood scales, I’m finding on the web, it seems to be NW3 with diffused thinning on top. I don’t remember how my hairline looked in my early teens or when it started thinning precisely but I remember that my hairline had a slight “V” shape when I was 13yrs old, I'm born in the 1995, around 2008, there were quite some hair falling but not any noticeable thinning yet and was probably my hairline then. The first signs of excessive hair-fall, about 100/120 hairs daily, was around when I was 16\17yrs old, a
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