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  1. 2,5€. But for this price I have been recommended other surgeons (that follow the whole procedure, including extractions and placement). Please note: I am confused too about the clinic to turn to.
  2. Good question, I don't know. The estimate that I have received says only "control of extractions and microscopic evaluatio of grafts". If anybody know what is meant by control of extractions can answer me.
  3. Spain is not available (Couto and Freitas are booked until 2021, the first, and 2022 the second). Belgium... I'm not a fan of Feriduni, I don't really like his works. It remains for me Rahal (but for a price which is hovering around 9000€ and in this way I'd have nothing left, literally), Turkey and UK with dr. Reddy (I have seen his works, I like them... but he asks 150$ for a preliminar consultation, in addition to flying and hotel, and it doesn't include an italian translator - my english is very bad -, unlike the Turkey ). Plus I did in the past a surgery with a turkish butcher,
  4. What plan of action have you adopted? ASMED team plan A, ASMED/Koray plan B, or only Koray plan C? How is that going for you?
  5. The second. Consultations start from 2022 (and I can't imagine the reservations).
  6. I would have a surgery with Freitas if it were not that "Lamentablemente en este momento, las valoraciones online y consultas presenciales se encuentran cerradas." With Couto, the situation is even worse. And Peekiner rejected me. Now I am really confused about what to do. And comfortless.
  7. I received a detailed estimate of the costs of an operation with dr. Koray, and I have 3 options: first, the whole procedure is run by the ASMED team; second, the procedure is run by the ASMED team except the phases of "incisions" and "checks after surgery" that are run by ASMED team OR Dr. Koray Erdogan (what does it mean? I don't understand...); third, the whole procedure is run by Dr. Koray Erdogan. Notwithstanding, I guess, that the phase of plant of grafts (from what I hear) is always run by the ASMED team. Now I ask you: if the clinic always ensures a regrowth of 90%, wh
  8. Thanks for your answer Melvin. Do you think that they are good doctors? I checked it out, opinions and reports about them are really differing...
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