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  1. How soon after starting Dutasteride/Minoxidil did you notice additional loss?
  2. Many say that Minoxidil doesn't work on vertex. So the question as from title: does it make sense using it on vertex or it's only wasted product?
  3. My therapy is: - Finasteride 1 mg in the morning; - Industrial Minoxidil 5% 3 ml in the evening; - Serenoa Repens 320 mg one pill every morning. What can I add to combat the miniaturization, in particular on mid and crown? Any supplements? Drugs?
  4. Today I started taking Finasteride (to be exact, Finasteride Mylan Italia 5 mg). As the dermatologist said to me years ago, I have to break the pill in 4 parts and taking one part every morning. This before I started to see a beginning of miniaturization all over my head (including vertex, in these last months) and that the situation on the temples gets any worse. Now I ask you: - it's risky increasing the dosage? I am scared of sides if I increase the dosage. - if not, the benefits would be greater or nothing would change? Thanks to everyone. I hope that the cure improve m
  5. I have written to Lorenzo 5 days ago for a virtual consultation: no answer.
  6. Wow, thanks for your table man 🙂 And I really don't allow myself comparing ASMED with Rahal, for both quality of work and density of regrowth (I love his hairlines), but I can't pay 10.000$. I have to find a compromise. Spanish surgeons are all booked for now... Therefore as I started with finasteride one week ago, the only thing that I can do is waiting for 6 months and going to Peekiner.
  7. Unfortunately is the only solution between price and quality: for 2000 grafts Rahal 9000$ VS Koray 3800-4600€.
  8. Great result! Which package did you choose? Package A : only ASMED team Package B : ASMED team or Dr. Erdogan Package C : only Dr. Erdogan
  9. Sure, but the investments are possible once they have been carried out the basic needs. And not everyone gets to reconcile these two.
  10. Couto and Freitas are booked until 2022. H&W and Konior are for people like Trump, Bezos etc.
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