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  1. Thanks all for the information. I will get consulted in person before I proceed. Do you think micro pigmentation can be a temporary solution in my case? @Melvin-Moderator I live in Germany, Hamburg. I couldn't find any closeby surgeon in that list.
  2. Only minoxidil for a couple of years now, maybe it has only slowed down the process. Should I give finasteride a go? the side effects are scary!
  3. @johnAC, I consulted with HLC Ankara and they encouraged me to do the HT, but I sent them better looking photos (here we have strong light). @asterix0, yeah this sounds like a better approach to it. Thanks, and more opinions are more than welcome.
  4. Hi all, I am 34 years old and I have been slowly losing hair through the years. Could you please take a look at my diffused hair loss, and donor area? I am seriously considering a HT very soon, but I am very concerned. 1. I feel like my donor area is thin. 2. Having dark hair and light brown skin will make FUE scars very visible. 3. I fear a couple of years after the HT, I lose the remaining non transplanted hair The initial plan is to move 3000 to 3500 crafts to reconstruct the hairline and fill the temples. I am just afraid that if the HT fails or if I continue lo
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