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  1. Hello, I am wondering if anyone has any experience with PRP treatment post hair transplant. I had my HT in Turkey with Dr. Cinik and they advised me that PRP treatment is good for strengthening and growing hair following hair transplant. have you had PRP treatment post HT and have you noticed any difference?
  2. Maybe... a few other guys were in the room before me as well. I’ve asked the clinic to tell me more about the laser therapy. Waiting for a response still
  3. I didn’t... they noticed there were some blood immediately following the surgery. Not sure what it is tbh but they cleaned it up today and it’s no longer there
  4. Overall experience was great. Surgery was 6.5 hours. 3700 grafts from back of head and 500 grafts from under chin. Opted for painless anesthesia (highly recommend) follow up day with Dr.Cinik he advised me to continue finasteride and minoxidil and said I should expect good results. dr Cinik sent me to a laser therapy room to “increase thickness” (still confused about this). hospital was clean and staff went above and beyond to ensure comfort. here are my photos pre-op and post op.
  5. I am debating on whether I should wait until more hair falls off/thins out (I rarely notice hair falling off). My hair is thinning and I’m not sure if I should get an HT in the next few months. Im 28 years old and I’m not sure if I should go for my HT this year. What do you think? How many grafts would you recommend? -ps A hair transplant clinic that I am talking to informed me to get 3800-4200 grafts. thanks, Edit: I’m currently on finasteride 1mg per day and topical minoxidil. I also take Biotin daily
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