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  1. Hi everyone, i had HT two months ago and have been using rogaine since then. Have just bought pure (generic) minoxidil but finding the drops quite irritating. Is there any actual difference between the two? Would it be ok to go back to rogaine and have the same effect? Cheers!
  2. Image taken yesterday. Getting a bit concerned about the redness. Is it worth stopping the minoxidil?o
  3. Hi guys, hope you're all well. Wanted to create my own thread on here so you can follow my progress and we can swap ideas and techniques. I had a 2,200-graft HT for a type 3 receding hairline (basically it had all gone at the front). Have just completed my first month, so all the donor hair has basically fallen out. Any advice on how I can maximize the results would be appreciated! This is today's, so 33 days after surgery.
  4. Anyone else got any recommendations? The more the merrier!!!
  5. Hi guys, Hope you're all well. Quick question for the forum. Aside from finasteride, can anyone recommend any supplements/medications to accelerate and improve post-surgery growth? I had my surgery three weeks ago and want to maximise the results. Thanks!!
  6. All looks normal from what I'm told about these things! You should be excited buddy!
  7. Hi everyone, Quick one about swimming. I had FUE surgery 12 days ago and went swimming today. Didn't have any warning about this from the clinic when they gave me my instructions so assumed it was fine. Tried to keep my head out of the water as much as possible, and wore a swimming cap. Naturally some chlorine got on though. Now I'm a bit worried because most of the guidance says you should wait at least 14 days before swimming. Have washed my hair with shampoo and conditioner. Is there anything else I can do to minimise possible chlorine dam
  8. Thanks! Don't have too many pics but am posting regular updates at hairtransplantjourney.com
  9. Don't stress about it. By the time it really starts to become noticeable, the technology will be available
  10. Don't worry my friend! We're all in the same boat and all have the same worries. Guess you can't really judge it until 6/8 months, so chill!
  11. Hi guys, just had a hairline transplant with Farjo in Manchester. 2,200 grafts at hairline, FUE. Will keep updating on progress. This is 11 days in.
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