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  1. I don't believe they did. If they did then I wasn't aware/informed.
  2. Here's the 4 week/1 month update. A lot of shedding the past 2 weeks and still continuing to shed right now.
  3. Nothing was mentioned of my donor from Dr. Hasson. But I did do a consult with Dr. Rahal's consultant earlier this year and the consultant measured my donor capacity and said it was above average around 8500.
  4. He did say my crown looked good but did show some signs of some miniaturization. Which a big part of the consult was discussing the importance of getting on finasteride to prevent further hair loss. I opted to start with topical finasteride. But the consultant did say it would take about 3 months for me to get the topical.
  5. Originally after a consult with one of their consultants it was estimated for 3000 grafts. When Dr. Hasson saw me for the pre op consult, he said what I had left of my hairline was basically whiskers and suggested 4000 grafts to restore it with good density. He did however, say he could do 3000 grafts as well and drew the hairlines for both 3000 and 4000. I ultimately decided that the 4000 looked a lot better than the 3000.
  6. Thanks for the response, and good to know. My regular shampoo does contain ketoconazole but I've just been using the shampoo provided by the clinic so far.
  7. These are from today which is 12 days post op: is it normal to have flaky/peeling skin even after the scabs have come off? Final pic is after a shower I'm still getting a lot of the white damp skin.
  8. This is right after procedure and the back is 1 day post op
  9. I recently did a 2 day 4,000 graft FUE with Dr. Hasson will try to update as time goes Pre op pics:
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