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  1. 1 month and 1 week! after the Hair transplant Hey guys! a few days ago I went to my hairdresser and had a haircut, in fact my donor area was fully shaved to 0.0 and I have to say that after 4600 follicles extracted it does not look that bad, I am ultra happy I can fully shave it even though for people who knows it it is noticeable but for the rest of mortal people I think it is not ! Have a nice day mates!
  2. Well I will answer, Im 35 ☺️ Going to sleep. Let’s see how the desert phase goes on, I will keep updating my looks 😉
  3. It looks very nice mate and still some months to keep improving !
  4. I recommend you to dance Sensual Bachata then, that is the one I dance, is slower, your head won't get sweat and is yep, very sensual I could dance that all night! but yep, with Salsa it's another story.. I get tired very fast but luckily I don't sweat too much.
  5. Yeahh I love it! I used to go to dance congresses back in time where there was no pandemic, hopefully that experiences come back sooner than later! I have to say I dance with girls of 20 something years old and they think I am more or less the same age a big part of it, is thanks to my hair transplant.
  6. Thank you John! I go to latin dance classes, Salsa and Bachata and some individual urban dance too. I will have to watch out in order to avoid any undesired contact of girl's arm and my hair, as we dance in couples in Salsa and Bachata
  7. Day 25 after the hair transplant Hi guys, two days ago I had a haircut I know it is a bit early but I saw it super well and my hairdresser too and this week I am going to restart the dancing classes so I wanted to celebrate it with a cool haircut Here you have the pictures in the park : Have a awesome day hair mates !
  8. The doctor uses the Implanter pen. In some specific cases he may also create incisions before using the implanter when, like in my second operation, the skin was a bit hard so it was safer to first create an incision and then implant with the implanter to penetrate more smoothly and avoid damaging the follicle. Have a nice day!
  9. The doctor is the one who does the whole implantation part. The extraction is done by the same nurse trained by the doctor and when she is not available, it is also done by the doctor himself. Thanks Melvin! day 20 and still looking super good!, in a few days I will update with new pictures
  10. Thank you Melvin! I hope so! I just wanted to shared this pictures taken this morning, day 16, just after shaving my hair and it is still wet.
  11. This picture is taken right NOW(day 15 after the operation), not super high quality though. As I said still most of the hairs are there. Let's see the coming days as the desert is coming But in the first operation I had a very soft shedding so I expect this to be even softer but let's see. And this is how it looks while I was doing an instagram video this midday,
  12. Thank you! Imo Hans Heinicke is one of the best Doctors in Spain and worldwide. I was having a ponytail And... this is my hair few days ago, the day 11 after the operation! I think MOST of the hairs are standing as good soldiers Let's see for how long, today is my day 15 and still I think I have most of them, I will update with some selfie too!
  13. I have the pictures sent by the clinic Have a nice day and even better hair!
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