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  1. Cheers. Yeah can’t believe how well it healed. So happy I’ll be able to cut the back sides to almost any length. Didn’t ask about how many more I have in the tank. I went in for my first few hair washes at the clinic. They told me that area would scab up worse. I think I was too gentle with it at first. Shortly after I gave it a good soak and they came off.
  2. Cheers. Yeah we weren’t too far apart and had similar work done. Should be fun to track each others progress! I opted to keep the top longer so I’m not enjoying that full buzz cut look now but during the shedding stage I’m planning on rocking a gnarly comb over to try and hide things a bit. We’ll see how it works out, thankfully I can work with a hat on.
  3. 29 Cheers. Yeah I couldn’t believe how quickly it went back to looking normal. You could never tell anything was done and I feel confident cutting it down to a 0.5.
  4. Can’t say enough good things about the clinic. Lives up to the billing you always here mentioned with it. Only note I’d make for people going into things is the swelling is real and really sucks and sleeping comfortably the first few days after can be a challenge. After that it’s pretty smooth sailing. I’ll update this periodically
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