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  1. Thanks Jim!! 🙏 Btw It's great that you had your procedure two months ahead of me. It's letting me know what to expects, and it helps me stay positive.
  2. As you can see from my previous post, today I decided to shave my hair. I was starting to be depressed with the way I looked... Turns out it was a good decision. Here's my 1 month update guys. 1 month My hair is definitely still shedding a bit. On the flip side though, my hair is looking way better than it did before the surgery imo. If this is my ugly duckling phase, then I'm really excited to see my full results.
  3. First of all, I would like to thank you for your prompt response. You are very knowledgeable when it comes down to FUE/FUT, and your feedback it always greatly appreciated. I decided to take a page from your book and shave my hair. I'm still working from home, and I don't go out much. However, I was starting to feel like a freak when I looked in the mirror, so I went to my barber today to do something about it. I made sure that my barber didn't touch the recipient area. I also instructed him to be gentle around the scar. I was really worried this morning, but it seems it was a false alar
  4. Hello, I hope you guys are doing well, and keeping healthy, My donor scar is looking atypical ever since I removed my sutures. I seem to have some whitish bumps on my scar. I went to the hospital, the nurse told me everything looks fine. In your opinion, should I get a second opinion? Or will the scar flatten out over time... @jimcraig152 @Melvin-Moderator @Gatsby
  5. Thanks guys! I definitely can't wait for month 3 & 4 😭 Hey Jim, it's always nice hearing from you!! The nurse took out my stitches last Tuesday, but it seems she missed a few spots. I have a follow-up with her tomorrow. I'm most definitely going to take pictures of my donor after my appointment.
  6. Hey guys, I hope you all are doing well. So yeah... I'm still shedding. Even though I knew the hair was going to fall out, it still pains me. On the flip side, my left isn't looking too bad right now. I'm still working from home, so I haven't bothered shaving my hair yet. I think I'll wait until Month 3 for Christmas. My dating life is on pause right now anyways lol. Week 3
  7. The right side of my head is as expected. However, the left side of my scar, my hair seems to be noticeably thinner. However, I do see some hair in there. So I'm thinking perhaps my donor area was slightly shaved during the surgery? Maybe I should ask Dr. Diep
  8. Hey guys, I meant to do an update yesterday, but I was busy. I went back to work last Wednesday. Today is my 2 week update. I'm actually on day 15 to be more specific. To be 100% honest, I'm super worried right now. I didn't have no shedding at all until this morning. As I was washing my hair, I noticed a lot of small hair strands on my fingers. I'm told this is supposed to happen after 2 weeks, but I'm concerned I messed up my grafts. What do you guys think? Is it normal? 2 week ?
  9. 😂😂 I'm not sure tbh, we'd have to ask @jimcraig152. You're still better off asking Dr. Diep directly though, you might end up paying less than 12k.
  10. I usually have a "bald fade" in the back of my head, so the scar doesn't really bother me. Worse case scenario, I've been considering SMP. Sure thing! I paid 12,000$ for the procedure. Mind you, prices seem to based off of supply and demand though, so it's really just a ballpark figure. The city where I'm from is on lockdown right now because of Covid, so my hair doesn't really bother me all that much. However, I do want to ask you, do you when we can get a full haircut (recipient + donor)?
  11. Day 10 Today was a really good day! I finally managed to get rid of 95% of my scabs. I honestly thinks it looks really good. I'll try to get rid of all the scabs tomorrow, I didn't want to go overboard...
  12. Thanks brother for letting me know! Hopefully everything is fixed now. I went with fut instead of fue simply for financial reasons. Dr. Diep is a really good surgeon, but his rate was a bit steep for me. Hey Jim, from what I know he had at least one other patient that day. I took a lot at your results and it seems your progress is really similar to mine. It makes me feel better, because your transplant is coming out really good.
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