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  1. Ah nice to hear! Just noticed that you'd be coming from UK so that is a big credit to Eugenix given your proximity to Turkey. We may be getting it around the same time then if I go to Eugenix. Saying that, Australia (where I'm coming from) will be more conservative in terms of opening up so may be get further delayed which is annoying . For that reason, I've also started recently thinking about Dr Path in Bangkok given Thailand seems to be handling COVID better than India so likely to be able to travel there earlier...however, still leaning towards Eugenix...can only wait and see....and hope
  2. Thanks for sharing this journey and the detail in which you have. I've just read through all the pages and has been very informative and comforting to see. I've been tossing up whether to go to Eugenics (have had a video consult with Dr Arika Bansal also) once the flights open up here in Australia - and your journey has given me comfort and confidence to do so. Thanks again mate. And @Melvin-Moderator - appreciate the work you do on here also
  3. Hey mate - been a while but just wanted to check how the hair is going. I'm also in Melbourne and have a very similar hair situation to you pre-op - with a more severe right temporal recession. Potentually interested in Dr Path given proximity to Australia (pending border openings). Also curious how the non transplanted hair held up after the procedure.
  4. Looking awesome mate. So thick now! How did the 6 month check up go with Dr Vikram? Did he say anything regarding the double grafts at the front? To be fair, no-one would notice that tho. I've had a consult with Dr Vikram as well and seems good - just can't see much online evidence of his FUE procedures so holding back.
  5. Also think your hair looks great. Such a massive difference compared to what you had before.
  6. Looking great mate - so much density already. Just on the double grafts at the hairline - did you ask k for single grafts to be put in and was a mistake, or just a feature of the regrowth? I'm looking into getting a HT with these guys also, but would prefer FUE - however, doesn't seem to be much FUE cases from teh Knudsen clininc I can review... Looking forward to the next update!
  7. Wow - that's looking fantastic mate! Already can't tell you've had anything done. How was the scar on the back of the scalp come along? Can you feel/see it?
  8. How you coming along @MM2020? Just over a month since the big day right...presume it would be mostly shed off at this stage?
  9. Coming along nicely mate!! I imagine once you let your hair down you'd hardly be able to tell... Is there much pain/sensitivity at the moment? And how's your donor area and the FUT scar coming along? Also, how did you find Dr Vikram and the team?
  10. @MM2020 - Seems like the Knudsen clinic tends to favour FUT from what I can see. Do you know if they do (or do as well) FUE as FUT? Forgot to add I'm also on Minoxidill also - been on the combo for a while in order to maintain what I have. Yeah the whole going overseas to get it done & come back covert style in a plane in a bandana is a bit But so many people on this forum have done it & said it's OK so I guess it can't be all that bad. And thanks mate - looking forward to seeing how your journey goes...have my fingers crossed for ya! Definitely looks like a clean &
  11. Thanks for the detailed response mate, really appreciate it. You really know your stuff! I actually had a consult with the Knudsen clinic a couple years ago when I didn't really have a clue about all of this - so I may go back and have another one based on your advice...and judging by your tone, seems like you're happy with your experience. Curious to see if they'd recommend FUE or FUT...dealing with the scar is what puts me off regarding FUT. I'm a 36 year old male and have been on finasteride for the past 10 years on and off...but for the past cpl years consecutively on. I'm in betw
  12. Hey MM2020. Thanks for your post. I'm also based in Melbourne and considering procedures so interested to see how your journey progresses? How much did the 1,200 grafts set you back out of curiosity? I'm looking at options both in Australia but also Overseas for when we can eventually fly again. And why was FUT preferred over FUE? How does your age impact this? Thanks again for sharing your journey
  13. Hi Gatsby, I'm also from Melbourne so looking around for some options at the moment, and you seem like a great source of knowledge on the area. I recently had a consult with Gro Clinics regarding a DHI transplant in Melbourne. Intereste in your opinion of them? They claim to have a 90% survival rate on their implanted hairs with the technique they use. They seem to have good reviews and of the sample's I've seen the results appear quite good - although not a huge sample size. I had positive consultation experience with them, but yeah - would love to get your thoughts on them.
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