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  1. Hi all! Thanks to this amazing community as I've learned a ton about HT. I'm seriously thinking about moving forward w/ a small procedure <2K grafts with Dr. Carmen in SD. He's been great to talk to and spoke a lot about his passion about FUT (as opposed to FUE). He seems great and his staff and before and after pictures look great. However, I was wondering if anyone on this forum had any experience with him? Thanks all!
  2. Thanks everyone, very helpful comments. Appreciate you all taking the time! I'd like to move forward with a small hairline transplant but am becoming greatly concerned about potential work in the crown given that it seems like there could be a chance of shock loss. Seems like around ~5% of patients experience shock loss but it seems to be permanent at times. I'm on finasteride and have been for 5 years, does that help with shock loss? And generally, the doctors I mentioned, H&W, Dr. Gabel, Dr. Rassman and Dr. Carmen (who I'm leaning towards), should be a
  3. Thanks Sam. I had been recommended Dr Mohebi however the doctors I spoke to, if I can name drop, are Dr Carmen in SD and Dr Rassman in LA. No issues with those doctors as I understand, they both come highly recommended (I think at least !).
  4. Thank you so much everyone, very helpful comments, I appreciate you all taking the time to discuss this :) It seems like I am probably OK to move forward on the hairline but may need to think more about the crown. I can actually hide it if I do a bit of a comb over but thought, "if I'm going to be going in, why not get a bit of work done there as well"?. I may need to re-think that. Appreciate it everyone, thank you!
  5. Hi everyone! First time poster here but I've been reading Reddit/HRN/HLT a ton the last 3-4 years. Quick background: 28, male, 5 years on finasteride (no rogaine) and have experienced hairloss since 19. I've pretty much kept my hair quite well with Finasteride but can tell I'm slowly losing. I've been speaking to a few doctors, both highly respected and in SoCal, about how many grafts if I do get a HT. I've been quoted about 1200 grafts for the hairline and anywhere from 300-500 grafts for the crown (not the crown itself but the area to the top o
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