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  1. Thank you John. Yeah, they did and I am actually happy about that. I do know that i would probably need one more transplant (hopefully in a year) to cover more of the crown. I might have got that one the other way round. I did still feel a bit drowsy when they were explaining. It might have actually been 900 beard, 600 chest lol.
  2. Thank you, Egy. Unfortunately, I recently deleted a lot of photos (after my trip). However i found a couple of images of how my hairline was, prior to the surgery (below). Hope it's clear enough. Dr. Cinik inspected with the ruler and pen like you mentioned. He said i have good quality donor and that I can look forward to a good result. He didn't inspect it through the microscope etc.
  3. Hi Everyone, Over the last few years, this forum has been a wonderful source of info as I researched having a hair transplant. I can honestly claim that if it wasn't for this forum and the input shared by members, i might not have had the will to go through the procedure myself. The stories shared by patients such as @lukeyb1687helped me decide on going with Dr. Cinik. As such, to give back to the forum, i will share my own experience below. My contact in Dr. Ciniks office (Funda) was amazing, very responsive and assisted with all the bookings. I flew in from San Francisco and was p
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