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  1. Couldn't post an update as I was caught up with other things. Here is my 2-week update. I have circled an area on the mid-scalp where I have seen some shedding. Not sure if it's normal or the transplanted grafts have been pre-maturely came off. Can some one comment? Also posting my pre-op photos taken on the day of the procedure. 2-weeks: (I have trimmed my hair on Day 10) Day-7 post-op: Taken outside in sunlight. Day-1 post-op: Pre-op:
  2. Thanks. I'm considering Dr. Mohebi for consultation in 5-6 months after my donor area heals. I'll reach out then.
  3. Thank you for sharing others experiences. I share the same opinions as others about Dr. Diep. When I consulted with Dr. Diep in-person he flat out ignored when I told him that H&W and Dr. Rahal rejected to do my HT a few years ago considering that my hair loss might progress and donor supply. But I decided to go with him for a few factors. He's local and I don't have to travel. I also reviewed his past results which made me choose him. I'll consult Mohebi in 4-5 months after my donor area heals. I'm also planning to consult others for my next HT and keeping my options open even if I have to travel. Dr. Konior advised me to consult him in 4 months so he can do a correct assessment. Looks like the best thing is to go for an in-person consultation and get as many opinions as I can from various Drs.
  4. My first HT was done 10 years ago and I was not on Fin anytime. I had opted for my HT too soon as I was only 26 at that time and I should have waited until my hair loss has progressed. The only doctor who gave a honest assessment was Hasson & Wong, asked me to wait a few years as I was too young when I first consulted them 10 years ago because they thought my hair loss will progress. As for being an ideal candidate for hair restoration or not, I believe you don't have a MD to give an assessment and you better leave it for the doctors to decide. I know Dr. Diep is well qualified than you! To answer your question about shaving my head, I don't like it but I'm planning to keep my hair short going forward. Also, started taking Fin since two days ago.
  5. I should have taken pre-op photos myself before the surgery but didn't, mostly because I was swamped with work and didn't pay much attention. I have asked Dr. Diep's office for the photos he took right before my surgery. I'll share as soon as they share it with me. One thing with Dr. Diep and his office is they are not very responsive and didn't care much about their patients after the payment is made and the procedure. I initially paid for 3500 grafts but ended up getting approx. 2200 grafts. I have followed up numerous times with his office this week about the refund but they are not responsive. The standard response that I get is 'you will get your invoice in a few days after the procedure from the office manager'. Now, they are saying they don't know when they can expect to generate the invoice and refund it. Very unprofessional.
  6. Thank you. It looks most likely the case because of the anesthesia and other steroid injections. Will keep you guys updated in a week.
  7. Day 4 update. Sry for the low lighting. I'll try to upload better photos next time. I have swollen eye lids since yesterday. Not sure if it is because of the medications that I'm taking currently. Is this expected?
  8. Attached are my donor are on Day 2 post-op after washing the donor area myself as recommended at home.
  9. Definitely. This forum helped me in preparing for both of my HTs. Any recommendations on doctors who are experts in FUE and body/beard HT? I have been thinking of Dr. Hassan and Wong in Vancouver, CA for FUE for my next procedure. Also, considering Eugenix Hair Solutions in India because they are into FUE plus Body HT. Thoughts?
  10. Unfortunately I personally didn't take any pre-op photos myself before the surgery. I will have to ask the doctor to send me the ones he took in his office. Will do once he shares the photos with me. My first HT was done by Dr. AP, New Delhi, India.
  11. Hi,I'm 35, Asian and I got done my FUT(strip) hair transplant from Dr. Diep in Los Gatos, CA a day ago. The number of grafts is approx 2200. I was initially told by the doctor that he will be able o extract 3500 grafts during the consultation but after the procedure, it came out to be 2200 as this is my 2nd hair transplant and the donor area had fewer grafts available than originally estimated. I was planning to cover my middle-scalp and crown with the recent transplant but Dr. Diep was only able to cover the middle-scalp with 100 grafts scattered in the crown area. My first transplant was done 10 years ago with a different doctor and it was for 4000 grafts in the frontal area to build my hairline.Here are the photos were taken on day 1 and day 2 of the surgery. I have not yet removed the band-aid covering my donor area.I'm thinking about using my body hair in combination with donor hair from the back of the head via FUE for the future procedure.I would greatly appreciate feedback from the members in this forum on my procedure and also any suggestions for doctors who are experts in FUE who also can do body hair transplants for my situation. Here is my blog https://www.hairtransplantnetwork.com/blog/journal/rahul_s/4433/Day-1-2-after-the-Surgery/11279Thank you R
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