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  1. I haven't yet decided. Sound like H&W is a good choice for FUE. Are you going with the H or W as the surgeon?
  2. Good questions... How does the selection process work? Do any clinics pay to be recommended? Or pay to be part of the panel or forum?
  3. I was thinking of Turkey initially, thinking it was a centre of excellence in HT. But I went there on holiday and realised it was basically cost driven. My interactions with clinics there was not encouraging at all. Think I'm down to Konior (based on reputation), Hattigen (who impressed) or H&W (who I don't know). But tending to favour Konior. But still deliberating.
  4. So I think I have narrowed it down to Konior or Hattingen... Thoughts? Bernstein has been doing this for a long time but doesn't seem to get a lot of mention these days or am I wrong?
  5. Does Couto do it manually? Of the so-called super elites, who uses robotics vs manual? And which is better?
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