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  1. I noticed that Dr. Bernstein does not come up often in lists of top surgeons here. I have browsed a lot of photos of his patients. It seems to me that he is very good at using a small number of grafts to achieve the desired cosmetic effect. His recipient site creation seems very refined and strategic. Among the surgeons I consulted, he offered the lowest number of grafts. The only downside I see is that he uses the ARTAS robot to do FUE, which is something not recommended here. But other than this, if one wants a FUT with a conservative number of grafts, is there any reason he wo
  2. Hello everyone. I have been browsing this forum obsessively for a while. I feel I have benefited a lot from the awesome info here. Thank you! I have been considering a hair transplant (leaning toward FUT but open to FUE). I am 30 year old, NW3, based in NYC. I have met with Wesley, Bernstein, and Bloxham. They all recommend 2000-2800 grafts (FUT or FUE by Wesley and Bernstein, FUT only by Bloxham). I am still deciding between the three of them but just realized that there is really no need to restrict myself to NYC. Let's say I don't care about cost and am willing to travel anywher
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