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  1. Do you like your HT much more? Do you think it requires less maintanence and looks more naturally?
  2. Sorry guys, I have been thinking about HT but actually today I'd rather not undergo this. My decision is partially based on this thread. But can you tell me what is the advantage of HT compared to a wig then? Based on the comments in this thread I got: HT is easily recognizable in close contact (hair angles, hair dencity are different etc.) HT requires a lot of maintenence and care. Hair should be kept dry (which means no intensive sports) and styled regularly HT is a surgial operations with all the corresponding risks HT makes scars which, again, noticable in
  3. As about Zoomster's results -- they are quite good per se. Crown area which is always a hard challenge is impeacable.
  4. mate with all my due respect you are not Zoomster nor his deputy nor his press secratary. If he decides that my question is not welcome here I am more than sure he will find a way to do it. Many thans to u mate as well.
  5. What is more likely -- that the hair there are DHT immune or that the area itself contains less DHT? If the hair there are immune -- how do they know where to grow? If we just have some hair immune and some not it is reasonable to presume that they will be spread evenly all over the scalp and there should NOT be such a similar among men male baldness pattern. By the way HT surgeons also (though reluctantly) admit that fact here: Eugenix Hair Sciences 6 days ago The hair on the permanent zone are more immune to dihydrotestosterone and the hair on
  6. No it is not. Zoomster has (had) a vast baldness so he is probably aware of the side effects of fin and definitely made some research on this. so this gentleman will probably have a say about his opinion.
  7. I just don't believe you. And as I remember you decided to NOT use fin.
  8. If such debates are common place here and there are plethora of them I can discuss the fin in any place I like so I choose this tread
  9. Fin is a part of HT. Without this the operation doesn't make much sense because as I said before there is no such thing as DHT resistant follicules. So if not using a fin the transplanted hair will sucessfully dropp off in couple of years if have grown at all. But maybe you are right. Is there any thread related to fin in this forum you are know of? Tx.
  10. Well thanks for this psychological support but the side effects over placebo are well researched and proved. As about self-reporting it's also very biased. There is no such thing as 'normal' sexual drive but if you have sex (or masturbation) less than forthnightly -- it is actually impotence (or you may use more polite euphemism doesn't matter). So honestly -- do you have more? I am not able (and not keen lol) to check so your word is good enough. Yes, thanks for the references but Fin is the ONLY medically proven hair loss treatment. Even topical fin is not.
  11. Could you plz make a conscious effort and try to answer my previous question seriously? I am of course bald otherwise I wouldn't be here but taking Fin is so scary that unless I understand how to handle its side effects I will probably refrain from any HT.
  12. mate, the fact that you prefer to make jokes on this tells much more than you probably realise
  13. Do you take Fin? How long? Has your sexual life changed or stayed the same?
  14. Sorry guys, I am a bit new here so maybe a bit agressive so my apologies. But do you understand that taking finasteride you effectively and voluntarily make yourselves impotents? Do you understand that there are no such thing as 'DHT-resistant' follicules and that you will have to take Fin as long as you want your new hair stay, which means that you will have to take it for tens of years? Do you realise that decreased libido is the same as erectile dysfunction and both of them is the same as impotence? Do you understand that the numbers of men with some sort of sexual dysfunction in the corres
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