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  1. Price is not a huge issue for me and I am already expecting to spend whatever necessary to get a quality HT, I don't however want to spend more than necessary. For anyone who is familiar with Eugenix do the differences in quality of end result between these two options reflect the price difference? 1. Premium Package Cost of $2.86/graft*: Planning, designing and 100% slits are done by Dr Pradeep Sethi or Dr Arika Bansal. Complete involvement includes below; Designing the hairline, Crucial parts of extraction, Hairline implantation, Supervision o
  2. Thanks Dr. T Aaron: yeah pic didn't turn out great, I'll take a better one to upload soon. HLC recommended 2300, Bisanga recommended 24-2600, and I am waiting on a recommendation from Ferreira. I am leaning towards Ferreira just from the little communication I have had with him and the results I have seen from him
  3. Here is another picture of the back under what I hoped would be harsher light. I agree with your concern that the crown loss will drop towards the occipital ridge though I do have and have always had a large cowlick to the right of my crown that looks like thinning, which makes it more difficult for me to predict loss pattern. I am leaning towards still getting the surgery but only having lower extractions on the off chance that the crown drops, I am prepared to have 2-3 surgeries as this is a progressive 'disease' even if I have slowed it. At the end of the day if I have to choose having
  4. Thank you for replying Dr. T, I am about to turn 26, my older brother has similar pattern as me, I started losing hair before him but because I'm on medication and he isn't he has since gotten worse than me, my father is very thin on top and far receeded but he wears his hair long and it looks pretty good because his donor area is healthy, my mom never knew her dad.
  5. Ive been on fin for a few years and switched from liquid min to 2.5mg oral min a month ago. I think my hairloss has slowed down a lot. While I do have a decent amount of native hair it is definitely thinner than my "safe zone" and my lateral ridges have dropped some so I'm expecting nw5 to be my final form. Thanks for your input
  6. Hey everyone just wanted to crowd source some ideas for how many grafts you would expect to give good coverage to my frontal half or frontal third. Thanks
  7. @Melvin-Moderatoris there a reason HLC isn't included in the recommended surgeons/clinics list? I am curious because I am likely going there in December lol
  8. I am just curious if anyone here has undergone a procedure with HLC or has anything to share about the clinic. I am planning on having a HT there in December and would like to here more about them! Also just wanted to double check that it is normal to put down a deposit in advance of the procedure to lock in surgery date?
  9. I am shopping around for a HT, expecting to get about 2400 grafts taken by fue. I am curious if anyone has had experience with HLC and can give me an idea of where they land on the tier list of surgeons. I am also looking at Bisanga as a possibility. Thank you
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