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  1. I would like to cut my hair with clippers and would like to know when it is safe to use clippers (with a guard) on recipient area?
  2. I agree with what OP said earlier, as the hair's mature and match the native hair this is going to look natural and fantastic, congrats
  3. @Dr. Suhail KhokharKhokhar is this the case with FUE procedures as well? Any risk to recipient site?
  4. I am under the impression that the hair graft follicle is mechanically secure by 1 week post op. If this is the case then what is the risk with exercising after 1 week post op? Is it sweat? Stress? Valsalva?
  5. That's what they said they put in my hairline, I guess I'll find out
  6. They only did 20 grafts/cm in native hair, it was thin enough they felt confident they could transplant between hair's without disturbing native grafts
  7. No just mean that you will have multiple surgeons throughout the procedure, they come and go. Most the surgeons there have been there a while, some were trained there and started their own popular practices
  8. Thanks for the feedback, I agree, I am very impressed that they are able to pull off the revolving door of surgeons without sacrificing consistency
  9. 10 day post op, scabs are off. Also added a buzzed before pic so you can see the difference. Still a little worried about the density on the right side but we will see. Merry Christmas everyone
  10. I am 8 days post op and still have 90% of my scabs, is this normal? I see a lot of people here losing there scabs sooner. Should I wait till day 10 to remove these as I was told by my surgeon or would sooner be better so the grafts can grow?
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