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  1. Yes yes i know, not too many people noticed. Actually just my gf knows that i am struggling so much but once it came to my mind, it never went away and its just getting worse.
  2. Yes but if it was so easy to swallow my emotions, i wouldnt be here you know. And waiting 4 years till im 25 so it can be done is also not a very motivational for me. Im not saying your not right, and i thank you for your advice im just saying how i feel
  3. Yes i tried a shaved look but my family and everyone else said they were afraid of me lol :D . So that was not the best solution for me. And yes i posted a pic. And the fin is okay for me (didnt try yet) but my problem are temples so far and from what i heard fin should not work that much in that area so HT pretty much only option there
  4. Hello, few weeks ago i have added a post, where are honestly thought that my hair loss problem was not genetic, but then i realized that it actually is. This problem literally ended my whole social life. Before, i was having a quite party life, lots of friends and girls and i was living the life. But then it all stopped and i have been unable to go out, all of my preferences changed. Id rather spend time somewhere alone then to go lets say just for a walk to the city. It actually came to the point, where i am "okay" that i will have a boeing life, that i will not go out with people anymore and
  5. Thank you for your responses, and if it is really mpb, is it possible that it would stay like this or most probably it will proceed further and i will get ,,bald"? Because i cant compare myself with noone in my family so i dont know what to expect. I honestly thought ( and still think ) that it is my fault because i was styling my hair like a moron without any carefullness. Many people warned me about it but i was stupid, also my parents think its my fault. I cant clearly explain what was i doing but believe me it was not normal, i had kind of curly hair and it bothered me so i always tried to
  6. I am 21 years old, and we have noone that i know in my family that is balding
  7. Nono my problem is caused by physical damage and wrong handling of hair. We have no history of baldness in our family that is why I think it should be just one time thing for good
  8. Because they said im too young for the surgery eventhough my problem is not genetic, im trying to contact them still but i havent got a reply yet. I was hoping for them but not sure now
  9. Hello is there anyone who has experience with Hair Palace in Budapest, Hungary? Would you recommend it? And if not, what other European clinics are at least similar to HDC in Cyprus, similar reputation, results, costs and thrustworthiness? Thank you for your answers
  10. Thats the problem, i cant find any list of recommended doctors here or something like that. Is it here somewhere and if yeah, can you send a link please?
  11. Hello, i am thinking about HT and got very kind offer from Long hair center istanbul by dr Ahmet Yildirim. Is here anyone who has experience with this clinic and surgeon?
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