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  1. Hello, I was just wondering if anyone after HT decided to cut his hair short for example at 1cm. How could this cut look after and HT since the natural density is gone. All we see here are haircuts with longer hair and styled. So I was wondering if it is an possibility to have shorter hair.
  2. And how did it turn out? We’re you satisfied ? And what level of loss did you have at 21?
  3. Hello, I have been taking finasteride (1mg 4x a week) for maybe two months when I realised that my erections were kind of weaker so I stopped for two weeks and everything got back to normal. So I started again from smaller doses until I got back to 1mg four times a week. I am now maybe three months on it and I started wondering again about this problem. I feel like my boner is softer again which isn’t very flattering for me. No other problems though, also don’t see any positive effects on my hair. Does someone of you guys here have any advice how to battle this problem cause I really need to stay on finasteride cause I’m only 22 and want to keep my hair that are left. thanksss
  4. Hello, I would have one question. Do you think it still could be effective (oral min) if I’d take it only 4 times a week with my finasteride (Monday Wednesday Friday Sunday) at the dose of 1.25/2.5mg ? Does someone have some suggestions?
  5. Hello, would any of you guys have an idea on where to buy oral minoxidil in Europe? I already have a prescription and I was going to order it from goldpharma but they said I cannot order it to slovakia. Can someone advise me on how to obtain this drug and get it to my country?
  6. Have your initial side effects disappeared ?
  7. Hey, I have a question regarding your fin regime. I want to apply as low dosage as needed and also was wondering about taking it just once per week. Is it working for you? And what dosage do you take?
  8. Okay thank you, but what is the optimal dosage? I will start low but I would like to know where should I head. And also how often? Should I use it every day or should I take it as I finasteride so Monday, Wednesday and Friday?
  9. Hello, I would like to ask someone who has experience with oral minoxidil, where should I be able to order it? I am from slovakia (europe) and I cannot get it here so if you have some sources for buying it I would greatly appreciate it. Also, do I need a prescription? And what dosage do you think it’s the best to take? I saw that doctor Bisanga is selling 5mg capsules but I have heard many times that that dosage is too much. Thanks for inputs
  10. I am 22 and I don’t know my levels. My sexual life is as you can imagine a 22 young male with girlfriend so quite intense. After starting fin nothing has changed in our “routine” except I felt that my boner was weaker, she didn’t say anything so that’s why I was thinking maybe it was just in my head. I have explicitly asked her about it so... And as for libido, I didn’t notice any changes
  11. Yes they went away but I really want to start meds again so I hope this time it will be different
  12. +1 It would be very helpful to hear about more success stories on low doses, if there are some more 👍
  13. Well that doesn’t sound very heartwarming 😂
  14. Actually it’s not possible to get fin in my country for this problem, I tried to talk about it to one dermatologist a she was just totally against it so I’m on my own here. And regarding the dosage, I started with 0.25mg MWF and very slowly upped the dosage to 1mg MWF. I haven’t felt any sides I just got the feeling that my erections weren’t the same as before but that may have been just in the brain. I will start again though For minoxidil, I haven’t tried it but I was thinking about oral minoxidil, I don’t want to use it in liquid form cause my hair are already so weak that I am happy when I can style them the way I want and the liquid stuff would have just been a destroyer.
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