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  1. Is my question written in a improper manner or something ? Because I cannot figure out why no one is willing to answer. If there is some problem you could at least tell me so I can avoid it next time.
  2. Hey guys, i am at the end of month 2 of taking finasteride (first 0.25mg 3x a week then 0.5mg 3x a week) and it seems it haven’t done any difference. I have heard about finasteride initial shedding that’s taking place after starting consuming but I would like to know how long it usually lasts. Since I feel like I have more hair in the sink than on the head I feel like I should increase the dosage, not sure how though. I was wondering maybe gradually work my way to 1mg 3x times a week but I still feel like it won’t be enough so wanted to ask you what to do with those other empty days.
  3. Well I have one more question, why do you think about regime of taking 0.5mg MWF and in the days between taking 0.25mg so in total 2.5mg per week?
  4. In these two articles it actually just supports the thing you said before, to get off fin while trying to conceive which is perfectly fine for me. I was hoping someone with experience would comment also thank you for your advice by the way
  5. Actually this is kind of discouraging comment. Even though having a family is a far future for me (22), comment like this is kind of scary for me. Anyone with more knowledge?
  6. Okay guys thank you very much👌
  7. Lol did this thread when I hadn’t had any idea about what is going on it HT industry😂😂forgot about it and never really thought about it again and this just reminds me how stupid I was even thinking about these hairmills. Really dangerous for a person who doesn’t know shit Many thanks to this forum and guys here
  8. I would love to hear someone’s opinion. Are these stupid questions? :D
  9. Hey guys, so I have been on fin almost for a month now without any change (still shedding as hell) but also no noticeable side effects so so far so good. Anyway I have been taking 0.25mg three times a week (MWF) and I think I should increase the dose. I wanted to ask you what do you think is the best solution. Maybe 0.5mg 5 times a week (every work day) or 0.25mg every day in the week. Also I wanted to ask you if there have been any links ever, between finasteride and fertility problems since I’m quite young so it’s a long way for me and I have read some sceptical threads about this t
  10. Thanks. Unfortunately few days ago I received my meds and they were not pills as I thought they would be but capsules instead. So there is no possible way to cut it in quarters. Any suggestions there? Should I take one capsule ( it’s 1mg) two times a week or maybe three times? Or should I dump these capsules and order pills instead. Thanks very much
  11. Hey guys, just wanna check with you if you think 0.25mg of finasteride MWF is going to be effective dose or I should start higher/more often (first time user). Since i am still young i want to be very careful with this stuff but still i look for the best possible outcome. Cheers
  12. Unfortunately, I was going to order from there now, and I realised that they cannot ship out of UK. I am from Slovakia. Do you have some recommendations on how to get the meds to me for a reasonable cost?
  13. Thanks so much. Which one would you recommend more though? Or which brand is "better" lets say, aindeem or accord? Or there is no difference?
  14. Hey guys, last month I have been struggling quite a lot with obtaining finasteride. Since I am from Europe it is not possible for me to order from keeps for example and it has been hard to find a verified supplier of this type o fmedication in Europe. I found these two websites that are quite cheap: https://www.simpleonlinepharmacy.co.uk/online-doctor/hair-loss/finasteride/ I believe they sell 1mg tablets branded accord https://www.pharmica.co.uk/hair-loss/finasteride/ This one have 1mg aindeem I was wondering if there is someone here who has experi
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