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  1. Hello, There are a very few doctors in my country Pakistan and i really cant afford to go abroad right now. I came down to two Dr Jawad Chaudhry and Dr Humayun. and I am torn between the two. They’re both abhrs certified but their results lack density. I need help from people here or doctors part of the abhrs to help me understand their reputation Theyre websites are Dr Jawad Chaudhry : https://www.fuepakistan.com/fue-procedures/before-after/ Dr Humayun https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/profile/1752-shangla/content/
  2. Thankyou for your advice. It makes sense. I never intended to use all of the grafts. I just wanted to ask them to take advantage of the situation im in and plan for the next 3-4 transplants. What do you think of the doctor after seeing the results on his website? Ive posted a link at the top
  3. Yes thats what I wanted to take advantage of. I went there asking listen im at a stage where i will need a transplant. How can we work on it. But seems like they want it to get worse which i dont understand. i can try treatments but eventually i want to have a transplant
  4. Hello, Im from Pakistan and went to consult Dr Jawad Chaudhry I have thinning at my vertex but my hairline is okay. I went to him for consultation asking I want a plan for me. I want my vertex covered and then when hairline goes I want it handled. He refused and told me you never start with your vertex. He asked me to let it go completely and then consider a hair transplant which I didn't understand. How can i wait to be completely bald I thought preventive medicine is always better. He says we recommend clients to start with FUT and then fill it later with fue. The reason being because you can harvest more hair grafts in fut in a single session From what I understand his primary reason to refuse me is because he wants me to start with fut as well and right now I only need 1800-2000 so fut would be a waste. The doctor is both abhrs and ihrs certified. Does both fut and fue and has 15 years of experience. This is his website: https://www.fuepakistan.com/fue-procedures/before-after/ What do you guys think of this consultation? Attached is also my picture.
  5. Living in pakistan its next to impossible to get a visa for india. So eugenix is out. I tried consulting dr path in thailand but got no reply.
  6. Hello, Ive been reviewing all surgeons in pakistan. I came across these 1- Dr Humayun - does 3-4 ops per day which i dont like plus results have very low density 2- dr fawad chaudhry - no online presence and no before after pics 3- Dr ahmed: limited or no online presence. all of these are abhrs certified but i dont know how do i further investigate. Any recommendations
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