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  1. I think the moderators and owners of this site need to keep in mind the great influence that the Hair Restoration Network and specifically there "recommendation" has on people who are researching and deciding on a HT doctor. We are often living on the other side of the world from these doctors and constrained by with language differences. It can be very difficult to get a good sense of these clinics and the quality of their results. This forum and its contributors were a HUGE assistance to me and my decision. I for one, put a great deal of trust into the "official recommendation" that was given to Dr. Hakan Doganay by HRSN. I'm not blaming this site or those who endorsed him for my less than stellar results and experience. In the end the choice was mine. I did as much research as was available to me and made the decision myself, so I take responsibly. I felt like, man, of all the many thousands of HT doctors in the world this guy (Doganay) is one of few officially recommended, and my understanding was that was hard to obtain. His results looked good, and as a guy with a limited budget it felt perfect. I took the plunge. If I had known the procedure would take place in a side room in the basement of a hospital, and the kind of attention I would receive, I would have gone elsewhere. Dr Doganay seemed like a very nice guy as did most of the staff. It's not my goal to hurt his business or reputation. But I do feel I owe it to this community to be honest.
  2. I have not had a chance to read all the posts but I will comment on my HT with Dr. Doganay a couple years ago. The lead tech performed all my extractions and Dr. Doganay the implants. I was not happy with the hairline when completed (it seemed a bit lazy and not symmetrical) so after having to make quite a stink his trainee/assistant touched up my hairline, not Dr. Doganay. It's now been over 2 years and they area that was touch up was not done as well and does not look as natural as the areas done by Dr. Doganay. I feel he should of been the one to do the work since, but at that point I was just desperate. Overall I am not very happy with the my result or experience. The growth is quite weak, especially on my right side. Poor density. Dr. Doganay offered to have me come back and he would perform a second HT for free, but I have not returned. I have limited graphs available (800-1000) and to be honest I dont trust that wont have another sub-par result. Through out the process Dr. Doganay just seemed disinterested and the whole thing just felt rushed. I felt like I was a nuisance and burden by wanting to carefully draw in the hairline I wanted. This is perhaps what bothered me most about my experience. I know that not all HT's work out ideally, and that results like mine happen with the best docs, but the overall care taken by Dr. Doganay and his staff just seemed poor to me. Like I was just a number to get in and get out. The frustration stems from the significance of the procedure to all of us. We dont have donor hair to waste, and a poor result can be unrecoverable. I feel a doctor should make the patient feel that they see it this same way. I guess that I plan on some day having a second procedure done by someone else tells you all you need to know.
  3. 7 months. Sorry my hair is a bit long and the back ground isn't make it too easy yo get a feel for the results. What do you guys think about the density? I'm getting nervous that its kind of weak. Also, the right hairline just doesn't seem to be filling it much. I cant really feel any new hair coming through in that area. Any opinions would be welcome.
  4. 6 Months. Starting to feel better about the result. Looks promising. I'm a bit concerned about the right hairline being noticeably less dense than the left. Its been that way all along, I just hope it catches up.
  5. 4 months mark. Playing catch up with these photos.
  6. Hello MAN, You have some good questions there and hopefully you can get the answers you need, but I think you need to start your own thread regarding them, since this thread is dedicated to the results of my HT. I'd like to keep this thread about my result and questions regarding my procedure so people who read it dont have to sift through multiple topics simultaneously. Thanks
  7. 3 months and counting. Things are looking pretty sparse at this point, but the scar from the head injury isn't as bad as I thought it would be.
  8. Sorry for being way behind on the updates guys, no excuses. I have the photos and will get these up asap for all of you. You'll notice I have a glued over scab on my head just above my hairline. Well, leave it to me to wait until just after I get a HT to injure my head. I was helping a buddy out on his car and in a freak thing the hood of his car fell on my head and tore a big hole in my scalp. The Doctor recommended gluing it instead of stitches. It looks Its healed up pretty well(you'll see this in the next photo sets). I'm just hoping the scar tissue wont effect the hair growth too much.
  9. I'll have to check my back porch periodically to make sure you aren't taking advantage of my dull, neutral stucco wall that is finally being put to good use. Concerning the shockloss, I was a bit concerned but its started to fill in pretty well and now its pretty hard to see..of course having the hair getting longer doesn't hurt. Hopefully it wont look thin when all is said and done but like I said my main concern is with hairline...like most guys. Yeah it will be cool to see our results and the progression from ugly ducking to thick, beautiful locks!...fingers crossed. Bring one month 3 and the start of some actual growth!
  10. Hey imnothere, I monitored my hair loss for about 7-8 years and it stay pretty stable, very slow receding on the sides. It was consistent with lose in my family, which usually stabilizes about age 30. Dr. Hakan transplanted quite a ways into the thinning area, both on top and on the sides and so it would take a lot of lose to get the "island look" going. I'm more concerned with the side areas looking and laying naturally. I would ask a variety of doctors to get their opinion.
  11. Sorry for the long delay on the updates guys. I also have my 2 month pics ready and I will get them posted as well.
  12. Hey guys, So here is a little update. Things are looking pretty good, at least no bald areas or damaged skin. Here are a couple of images. The arrows are pointing to the two areas that were affected. There may be a little bit of inconsistency in these areas compared to the other transplanted area. What do you guys think? Nothing to be worried about? Dr. Hakan has had me take Vitamin B along with using a Almond Oil and Milk Protein conditioner by Clinic.
  13. Hey guys, Sorry I've been MIA. After the whole HT and trip to Turkey I've been playing a lot of catch-up at work. Anyways so here are the 2 week photos, actually 13 days from the second day of the HT. Let me know what you think and if things are looking normal. I think I have a bit of shockloss on the left back, or at least more than other side. Its become more noticeable in the last few days so it will be interesting to see how it looks at 1 and 2 months. I wonder how much of the current transplanted graphs will still be there in a month or two, but it does seem to be growing. Anyways thanks for all your support and the positive feedback on the hairline. I do feel better about it than I did.