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  1. Obviously u didn’t read the topic,, it wasn’t surgery i used minox and finasteride
  2. Hi .. im 23years old guy who suffered and still suffering from hair loss at a young age . I had my first HT at 19 years old in turkey .. i made that choice wich I regret definitely because i was at a very young age and all guys around me having this nice thick hair so as years gone by . Lately i’ve been experiencing hair loss .. I wasn’t on drugs .. so i kept loosing hair so I decided to go to another HT surgery and that’s when I discovered this fourm and actually i have a post when i was asking for help or guidance to get a HT and asking for a good surgeon so everyone actually advised m
  3. Thank you for your feedback!! i hope things become better .. regarding the vitamin d , i dont think in have a deficiency in any kind of vitamins because I literally eat everything !!
  4. Yes i’ve lost hair since 2 years actually or less .. my hair got darker and i grew the temple . My temple point wasnt there when i started and now its grown and thick i apply 2 times minox and finasteride here is a sample
  5. Sorry about the dandruff,, But here are some updates.. @ciaus
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