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  1. Yeah. Right. Especially crown and midscalp. Fingers crossed 🤞
  2. I had super high expectations to be honest. It has taken me sometime to process and accept the reality of hair transplantation. I'm hopeful that with some further maturing and a second procedure, I'll get the coverage I'm looking for. I'm going to wait atleast 15 months before thinking about the next steps. Thanks for your kind words @SLA
  3. It has made a big cosmetic difference. I just wish the left side has grown as well as the right side. I tried a few different hairstyles to cover up the patchy areas. But nothing really looks good. I haven't been in contact with Dr.Arika / Eugenix. I'm planning to have call with the doctor and assess the growth by next week.
  4. Apologies for not posting an update in a long time. I was obsessing over the hair growth, so wanted to take a break. Hairline Temple points Without combing or styling After combing The left side has not filled in. So I use fibers when going out. I'll probably need a second HT to touch up those areas.
  5. Thanks Captain. I hope so too. Just started following your thread, looking forward to your updates.
  6. Thanks for the kind words @Gatsby I know I'll have to be patient and have realistic expectations. It is just that my youtube recommendations is bombarded with videos of people getting amazing results at six months. Time to take a break from youtube I guess 😅
  7. Hairline is coming along nicely. It has thickened up quite well over the past month. The left side is a little weak compared to the right. But overall good improvement when compared to pre-op. Mid-scalp is still see through even in dull lighting. Not sure if there is enough density there. Hopefully, it will improve in the next few months with the hairs maturing. Overall, I'm reasonably happy with the growth. But I was expecting a little bit more at 6 months. Especially, seeing other's growth here and on youtube. I'm going to send some photos to Dr.Arika for evaluation. Will add an up
  8. I'm 1.5 months ahead of you and only started seeing growth around 4.5 month mark. Things have been improving from then on. So stay positive and try not to compare with other's growth.
  9. There is some improvement. The extraction pattern is still visible if I trim my hair short on the sides. I think I'll give it a few more months to recover.
  10. Hey Nelson. Thanks for asking. Yes, I have been regular with the medication and I take finasteride 1mg everyday. I'm also considering starting minoxidil for the crown. But not sure if it is a good idea to start at this point in time of the HT.
  11. 21 week update: At 3.5 months I was getting really anxious since I was not seeing any growth. No matter how much I read and knew about the whole ugly duckling phase, I was still not prepared for it. Thankfully, things started improving around the 4 month mark. I'll try to share pictures taken in different lighting conditions, since that makes a huge difference. I would love to hear your honest thoughts and opinions. FRONT FRONT (UNDER HARSH LIGHT) CROWN and MID-SCALP (UNDER HARSH LIGHT) DONOR / SIDES
  12. The frontal region has got some solid growth. Midscalp and crown is still very sparse. I feel that shock loss in the donor region has improved slightly. I'm out on vacation. Will post pictures in a couple of days.
  13. It has been a little over 3 months since my HT. There is not much visual difference from the second month. But I can see small baby hairs have started growing. The donor area still looks a little sparse to me. Do you guys think this is shock loss and will improve in the coming months?
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