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  1. Thank you! I'm taking finasteride 1 mg each day, which I started about 8 months back. I'm also taking multivitamin tablets recommended by Eugenix. I have recently added nizoral shampoo once a week to my routine.
  2. No beard grafts were used. All 4000 grafts were taken from scalp. During the initial evaluation (which was done through photos and video call), I was told I will need 4000 grafts of which 500 can be taken from beard. On the day of surgery, since I had enough grafts in donor region, all grafts were taken from the scalp itself.
  3. Thank you! I don't know how I would cope with the ugly duckling phase if not for forums like this. Seeing all the patient photos shared here along with the different stages of growth, does put your mind at ease.
  4. Two months have passed since I had my HT. Donor region has healed completely. With 2 months of hair growth, the FUE scars in donor are not visible at all. I tried trimming it down to gaurd 3 and the scars are noticable. I'm not too worried about it, since I don't mind keeping my hair a little longer in the donor area. Native hairs in the recipient region are growing well and there doesn't seem to be any shock loss. I'm excited to see the progress in upcoming months.
  5. Hello all Hope everyone is safe and healthy! I just completed my first month after HT. I have been taking fin and using Ketoconazole Shampoo. I did not want to use Minoxidil since I experienced severe scalp itching when I used it in the past. I'm also using aloe vera gel on the donor region. Shedding started around the 20th day and is still ongoing. The donor area (especially the side) looks a little sparse. But I believe that it will improve in the coming months. Hoping to take my mind off HT and focus on work for the next couple of months. I have attached Day 20 a
  6. On subsequent head washes, I let the water soak for some time, then applied shampoo and massaged gently and rinsed it off immediately. All the scabs have come off after doing this. This is how my scalp looks now. Thanks @ShadowMoon and @ciaus for helping out.
  7. Yes, you are right. I used one of those dove shampoos that needs to be rinsed off. The shampoo became dry after about 5 minutes of application like you said. I was not given any printed instructions. I was told by the doctor to leave the shampoo for 30 minutes. I have been asked to repeat the same steps tomorrow for 20 minutes. So I'll check with the clinic to make sure that I got the hair wash procedure right, before I do the second wash. Thanks for replying. It has definitely helped in calming my nerves.
  8. I was not provided any specific shampoo by the doctor. I was asked to used any mild shampoo and I ended up using dove shampoo.
  9. Today is the 7th day after my FUE procedure and I did my first head wash. I was told to gently massage the scalp with shampoo and leave it for 30 minutes and then wash it off gently. I did this once and saw some white residue on the scalp. So checked with my clinic and was asked to do the head wash again. When I did the head wash again, I noticed some spots on the scalp where I could see blood. I did not bleed profusely at any point in time. I contacted my clinic and was told that this is normal. I'm a little worried though. Could I have lost grafts? Thoughts?
  10. Yes. I asked them specifically about this, just in case I opt for another hair transplant in the future. I was told I have about 2000 grafts left in reserve.
  11. Second day Update: All 4000 grafts have been implanted. I had enough grafts in the donor region, so no beard grafts were used as previously planned. I'm seeing some swelling in my forehead. Hopefully, a good night's sleep will help.
  12. The rest of hair was trimmed today. I have to agree that it definitely looks much better now.
  13. I was told that making the slits consumed a lot of time. It had something to do with blood oozing when the slits were being made.
  14. I'm a 27 year old male and first started seeing hair loss during my first year of college. This forum has been vital in my hair transplant decision making. So I figured I'll share my journey here. I had a video consultation with Dr.Arika Bansal about a month back and was suggested 3000 grafts. But this would cover only the hairline and mid-scalp region and not the crown area. I insisted on getting some coverage on the crown region and we ended up finalizing on 4000 grafts. (3500 scalp grafts + 500 beard grafts). I scheduled my surgery for August 7.
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