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  1. yeah I'm actually using all of the meds exactly as prescribed. Those bumps are really annoying- wish I had a better idea of what they were
  2. I love your thread because it let's me know what things are going to look like a few days into my future haha. One interesting thing is- the back of my head has lots of big hard bumps that my hair is definitely not covering. Yours doesn't seem to. Did you have them, and they just go away really quickly in a few days?
  3. It's funny- your article is what prompted me to write the post. I kind of wanted to make sure it wasn't too good to be true. Some stuff says wait 2 weeks for light exercise and 4 weeks for real exercise. Some stuff says a week. Some stuff says a few days. Obviously I want to believe the few days stuff haha. Was hoping some folks who did start weights again pretty soon might be able to weigh in on how it did or didn't affect things! Thank you again for that resource, btw. I find it very helpful.
  4. Sadly I'm down to one surgical cap, but it should be enough to get me by. I actually did find a hat I can use that won't touch my grafts- gonna line it with the surgical cap just in case. Otherwise, today is going to be spent soaking the area and just praying I can get as much off as possible. Wish me luck! And thanks again to everyone in the thread for the help!
  5. It's funny- I just checked my doc's post-op instructions, and it says not to use saline. But several people here have recommended it. Anyone know why that is?
  6. Spent a lot of time doing that today. Made some progress, but this stuff is caked on hard. Going to get back to it tomorrow. And yeah the travel dates just sucked. It's work, so there wasn't much I could do about it.
  7. happy to provide donor area pics. These are end of day 4. The donor areas clearly weren't harvested evenly- that's obvious from the get go. Also added a pic of where the blood stains are at right now. Hoping tomorrow I can make at least some headway on them.
  8. I think I've read too much at this point because I've seen things saying you can start working out on Day 5 and things saying you can start working out on week 4. I would love to hear what people did in terms of FUE and gym timeline and how it worked out for them! I'm a weights guy, and I honestly want to get back to it as soon as possible (I'm already suffering from some COVID body here). On day 5 can I do arm exercises at least? And chest that doesn't require me to lay down? And what specifically are the concerns around weight lifting? What does it do that causes
  9. hahahahahahaha Or just another thread from an anxious newbie who has way too much time to think. I like yours better though haha
  10. Yeah I've seen plenty of pics looking like that- and it makes sense. But if you look at the pics in my original post- I mean I have multiple streaks of blood running down my head. And I had them when I was sent home. Credit where credit is due though- the rest of the scalp area looks pretty damn good. I think that's part of what makes the giant blood rivers stand out as much as they do
  11. I had my procedure done with Diep 4 days after you did. And I'll confirm that your experience was more or less my experience. I'll agree customer service was lacking/nonexistent for the most part. They handed me forms to sign about narcan, and I was told it was something I wanted to say yes to because it was for the pain (it's not). And I didn't really get any explanation for the other things I was being asked to agree to. But Diep does go through the paperwork with you afterwards, so you DO get the answers. I can confirm though that you are asked to sign an arbitration clau
  12. Thanks so much for the help everyone- really needed it! Yeah I read through that thread, and it seems more or less accurate to my experience. My overall impression was it was an office of talented people who have turned into a hair transplant assembly line that's resulting in some balls being dropped here and there. Ultimately what really matters are the end results, and I think when you've just walked out of a $20k procedure that requires you to wait a year to really see the effects, it's easy to be nitpicky. Honestly my only real complaint is that they let me go h
  13. Some of their paperwork was a bit outdated, and they had me signing that certain things had been said or done before anyone had said or done them. They let me go home with giant streaks of blood on my scalp knowing full well I had a flight to catch a week later. They told me to come back from 8-10am the next morning, but I got there and they were like- you're here too early. It should have been 10-2. And the "wash" was super fast, and they didn't even bother addressing the dried blood. (No one even asked if it had happened overnight, for example, which would have been a po
  14. Good call on the aloe. I've been doing the wash cloth for an hour or so. It's not really have any effect yet- the alternating is a good call. Don't think I can get my partner to go back out and get me some oil until tomorrow though- he's already been doing so much for me the last few days and is starting to be a bit over it haha. I also did buy some conditioner- wondering how long I can reasonably get away with having that on my head before rinsing. Unrelated note- how do we feel about the hair transplant pattern? Should it look that row-like?
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