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  1. Aaron, Thanks for your reply, I am going to try finasteride again, do you think taking 1mg Mon/wed/Friday would be sufficient ? I was also considering trying breezula as I know it can be got now but is expensive. My final question is would you think if I was able to stabilize my hair loss now would I have sufficient donor hair ( from looking at my pictures) to achieve a good HT result in the future ? As I feel my donor area is not very dense and would be well below average.
  2. Ok thank you I might get out the clippers so I just didn't think myself I was at the stage of needing to shave it yet but it might be the best thing to do and see. Thanks
  3. Thank you for your reply. I'm not sure if the smp is for me, I will look into it now thanks. do you think I am at the stage where I should consider to buzz/shave my head ? I don't really have many options do I ?
  4. I aggree without it I'm heading up the NW's fairly quickly. I am going to consider going back on it.
  5. Yes I understand fully about finasteride. I'm not against it and I wasn't thinking about side effects when I started it they only devoloped after 4 months, I'm not against trying it again but I just don't want to devoloped any health concerns either. Its a pity cause I can't really fight this Battle or consider a HT without it and there also doesn't seem to be any new treatments which will be available in time for me either. Thank you for your help I do appreciate the feedback.
  6. Ya I was on it for 6 months at 1mg Mon/wed/Fri. Got the usual listed side effects 4 months in. Then lowered back to 0.25 but didn't change. I don't have anything against the drug I am just disappointed that I can't tolerate it as I know how important it is. I will try and change the photos now, my apologies.
  7. Hi, this is my first time posting here and I apologies in advance if my post is not appropriate or correct in this forum. I am looking for advice on my hairloss as I am only 23 years old and would like to think that I could get a hair transplant. Since the age of 19 my hair has began to thin and go back at the temples, it has gotten alot worse in the last 12-18 months and I have lost alot of density. I would appreciate any feedback on the following questions. I will attach a link to my photos. 1. Firstly, I think I have a NW3 pattern which is also diffuse. I presume this is the worst sort to have when considering a transplant as all my hair is thin and wispy. 2. My hair was never really thick so I feel I won't have adequate donor area supply, from the photos attached would anyone be able to advice if this is correct? 3. I am only currently taking botion, dermarolling and rogaine for my hair loss as I tried finasteride and could not tolerate it. Is getting a transplant at my age not a good idea without finasteride. 4. This last question is something which isn't easily answered I know but from experience what pattern do you think I'll end up with and how fast will it progress. *Pictures* All photos within 2 weeks https://imgur.com/a/cXbVHO3 I would appreciate any advice and thank you in advance. During my research I was encouraged that new treatments such as brezzula and hair cloning might be viable options in the near future but I quickly realized such new innovations are always 5-10 years out. Should I just accept my faith due to the fact I can't take finasteride?