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  1. Hi! Still don't know, I have only Dr Bloxham as a recommendation--do you have any others?
  2. Ah, thanks so much for this, hugely appreciated. I suppose part of my concern about going to someone in NY is for follow-up. Can I ask what your experience was with your FUT? Has it held?!? Again, greatly appreciated.
  3. Thanks Voxman--do you mean you had one with him and it went well?
  4. Anyone else got any recommendations or thoughts on NY/Eastern Seaboard hair surgeons?
  5. Thanks, Caius, for your take on medication. My hair loss has happened over a fairly short span, within the past three years basically (I'm 46 now), so it's likely to continue at a swift pace. Isn't Rogaine more or less only for hair loss at the crown (which I don't have)? And thanks, ADuckwithNoHair, for your thoughts on doctors. What did a consult with Dr Bloxham cost? I don't see a price on the site. What kind of procedure are you aiming for? Anyone else have any takes on NY doctors or nearby?
  6. As to drugs: I admit I simply don't know what to make of the information out there--the negative effects of finasteride on libido, claims that Rogaine doesn't work or doesn't work on my kind of thinning....
  7. Here's a pic. It's across the scalp. What do you mean about running out of grafts? Is it definitely the case that continued hair loss will eclipse the benefits of a graft, so that the best moment for a graft would actually be when hair loss is complete?
  8. I'm not taking medication, but there's already a lot of loss, so transplant seems the only way.
  9. Thanks lots for taking the time to reply. I will post pictures shortly when I've better light, but essentially it's the entirety of my scalp that's thinning, plus some recession at the front. I'm willing to travel the Eastern Seaboard, of course--I suppose I just imagined it'd surely be possible to find a good person here in NY. I did indeed check the Prescreened Physician listing for NY, which recommends Bernstein, Dorin, True, Wesley and Bloxham, all names I've seen around. If anyone has advice on likely price ranges I'd welcome that also. And apologies if my questions are crazily broad
  10. Hello all, I'm in New York, and am looking into hair transplants as my hair is thinning on top. Given the state of things, and my finances, I'm not keen to travel for a transplant. I've looked on Yelp for reviews but imagine those can't be trusted. (I'm also unsure of my options for treatment, so getting good advice is a factor!) So far Bernstein Medical seems like the most trustworthy place. Does anyone have strong feelings about a particular practice? Thanks!
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