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  1. Man, I hope so! I'm having a phone consult with another doc today and trying to arrange an in-person consult here in LA. Like someone else said earlier in this thread, that will give me the best idea of the state of my donor region. One doctor's office I've been emailing back and forth with (and am most likely to use) floated the idea of mixing beard hair in to cover more ground in the first procedure. But I believe this presents implications for how long you can grow your hair and styling and stuff, depending on how the job is done.
  2. Correction: Split into FOUR, not two lol
  3. That sounds like a really good conservative plan to me. Easing in nice and easy so you're comfortable and can keep tabs on the sides.
  4. My thought was that being on Proscar split into two, it's roughly 1.25 mg. Seems like even on an every 2-3 day dosing schedule that Proscar would produce more sides than Propecia, assuming both were created equal?
  5. @Blower I think I would be hard pressed to find data backing this up. It seemed to be the consensus combing through posts on here over the weekend, as well as some doctor's comments on YouTube. I had the same thought tho, that Marck makes both Propecia and Proscar. Maybe they are produced in different facilities? I don't know.
  6. One doctor recommended I use Proscar and split the capsules into 4. Apparently Proscar has the least sides, followed by Propecia, and generic finasteride is the worst – based on what I've read over the last week. I'm also seeing some doctors recommend taking 1 mg every 2-3 days as opposed to 1 mg daily. Topical finasteride sounds kind of appealing but doesn't seem as well researched.
  7. Wow, thats a crazy amount of improvement! How did you do on the finasteride? Did you tolerate it well? Still on it? Honestly, I wouldn't mind using beard hair, but I just wanna know that I have another hair to go around to long-term give me coverage. I requested several virtual consultations and am trying to see a doctor in person in town who can assess the condition of my hair. I'm on the fence about finasteride, but it sounds pretty safe and that the dosing can be adjusted to minimize issues.
  8. Yeah, I just checked out pics of his job. It looks great! My brother got a job at Alvi Armani about 18 months ago. He has a nice dense hairline in the front but some thinning in the crown, but it doesn't even matter. That front hairline makes such a strong impression and is what people are seeing 90% of the time.
  9. Thanks, Zoomster! Why do you say it'll add to my sex life? Just because I'll have more hair and be feeling good? Lol And thanks John and Melvin! I love how supportive this forum is.
  10. I requested several consultations to see what other think. If I don't take finasteride, it might not be worth doing though, right?
  11. Ohhh okay, now I get it. The top is a IV and the sides are like late II maybe.
  12. When you guys say the sides are high, you mean the deep recession at the temples?
  13. I do, but not so well lit and close of the back. I've kept it buzzed for several months now, not that I think things have progressed much. Here's what I could find in my phone from end of March.
  14. I reached out to several on here and sent these new pics to another doctor I was talking to. Would love to determine if it's worth enduring the stress and expense of using meds/devices if I'm SOL on FUE/FUT. I didn't even know that was a possibility. I thought that was for people that were just REALLY BALD lol. But I guess I'm already pretty close hahaha.
  15. Yeah, I've always had fine hair, so I'm not sure if it's normal or if it's also miniaturizing. Going to grow it out to better determine what I have to work with.