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  1. I do but it is not running 24/7. Its only on for 7 8 hours and that too at night time.
  2. Yea but in the current weather which is 34 celcius or 93 fahrenheit. It turns to liquid at room temperature. Which makes it impossible to measure
  3. Is it a good idea to refrigerate rogaine/minioxidil foam. As the weather is getting warmer in my country, the foam dispenses as almost liquid which makes it very difficult to measure and apply. If you have done this please share your experience. Also is there any risk of the can of foam to explode?
  4. Its a little confusing as well. Even before using rogaine, I had a few instances of dizziness. After rogaine usage however, the headaches kicked in which were long, intense and I couldn't get relief even with OTC meds. Now its been over 1 week since I stopped rogaine after asking my surgeon. I have not had a single day of headaches after stopping.
  5. @ciaus not in my case. Im very precise about how much I put on. I make sure its no more than 1 ml in morning and 1 ml at night.
  6. Hey guys. Im in week 8 post surgery. I started using rogaine topical 3 weeks ago. Im experiencing dizziness and headaches. Is this is side effect of rogaine? I was thinking about switching to foam instead of topical rogaine, would that help? Note: Not using Finasteride.
  7. 5 weeks post OP update I have started minoxidil topical. Im experiencing alot of dandruff even before my surgery. Any advice other than Nizrol?
  8. @pkipling thank you. What shampoo do you use on a regular basis?
  9. @JohnAC71 thank you buddy. One problem is, I have alot of dandruff, not on the transplated hair but the hair on crown and also sides. Any suggestions for that?
  10. @JohnCasper I was referring to the sort of black crusts you can see on top of the hair. God forbid, grafts are in place securely. Much of the black crusts are gone now. I will upload a 2 week update picture tomorrow.
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