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  1. Thanks @JohnAC71 for the response. Its good to hear the scar is looking great. What do you think about the recepient area? How do the scabs look? Should I be more persuasive?
  2. UPDATE - Post Op Day 8 Got my sutures removed yesterday. I couldn't go back to Dr. Alexander since I am not in Phoenix. So I went to a local clinic and got it removed. The Dr. that removed it said the stitches were very well done. That made me feel great! It feels so good to have the sutures removed. I am still sleeping on a recliner. Just trying to take care of the recipient area. Here are some photos of the donor area. I trimmed my hair around the donor to around a 2.5 guard, so that I can clean it well. There was some dried up blood, so I wanted to remove it. How do you think
  3. Thanks @OliverAtom, I chose FUT because Im a Norwood 5A. In order to maximise my donor, I thought it will be wise to do an FUT for my first procedure. I also usually never have my hair really short, so the scar should not be a big deal.
  4. Looking good! WIll be following. I myself had my first HT last week, and we are similar in number of grafts and balding pattern. Looking forward to your result.
  5. Just an update on the breakdown of grafts: Singles - 627 Doubles - 1812 Triples + - 462
  6. Thanks @JohnAC71 - Im glad you found the work refined. Looking forward to the long journey ahead.
  7. @yesplease - I just did the initial consult where I sent him some photos. He only spoke about FUE in his response. Maybe if I spoke to him after that he may have recommended FUT as well. Since Canada was not an option for me right now, I didn't consider H&W.
  8. Hello there folks - long time lurker in this forum. I finally decided to go in for my procedure this week. I chose Dr. Scott Alexander in Phoneix for my procedure. I had consulted with a few other doctors as well, and all of them gave me pretty much the same recommendations (except one): 1. Dr. Blake Bloxham - 2500 - 3000 FUT 2. Dr. Jae Pak - 2000 - 2500 FUT 3. Dr. Sahar Nadimi(Konior) - 2500 - 3000 FUT 4. Dr. Shaver (Bernstein) - 2500 FUT 5. Dr. Hasson - 5000 FUE 6. Dr. Alexaner 3000+FUT I also tried contacting Dr. Gabel a couple of times, but didn't get a response. I
  9. Thanks guys for the response. I guess its just my last minute nerves.
  10. Hey there folks. I just confirmed a procedure date with Dr. Scott Alexander in Phoenix for next month. I'm going to be doing an FUT for about 3000 grafts. Just wanted to reach out to see if anyone has any recent experiences with him. I reached out to a couple of members already and they were extremely helpful. Any last minute concerns/thoughts/advice for me? Thanks in advance.
  11. @Melvin-Moderator - I am open to both. I have been recommended FUT by 2 docs so far, so Im leaning towards FUT. Also since this is my first, I would think it would make more sense. So that I can optimize donor supply.
  12. Hello my balding brothers, I recently decided to take the plunge. Earlier this month I booked a procedure date with Dr. Pak from NHI. However I am not able to find any patient reviews on this forum. Am I missing something? His reviews on realself are great, but that's about it. I would like to see some real patient journeys. Please let me know your thoughts on this. So i decided to consult with some more doctors. I have consults with Dr Scott Alexander in Phoenix, Dr Nadami (Konior) in Chicago and Dr Shaver(Bernstein) in NY. Which among these would you recommend? Just for
  13. The Dr. I am consulting with was very up front about it when I asked. He told me he will be doing the harvesting and he will be creating the incisions in the recipient area. His technicians will be doing the actually implanting into the incisions.
  14. Thanks for all the response guys. I have been on Fin for the past year and a half. It has definitely thickened my crown a bit. I personally am leaning towards going conservative for the first HT (probably about 2500-3000) with focus on the hairline and mid scalp, with a few sprinkled further back to give some density. I use fibers, so that would help me in the crown area a lot.
  15. I would have loved to go with Dr Hasson. Unfortunately with the current situation, its hard for me to travel to Canada. Dr Pak, is great as well and very more accessible to me. Is there any dealbreaker with him?
  16. Hope you get a good result! just saw your progress pics. Will continue to follow. Why did you choose FUT over FUE?
  17. @JohnAC71 - Dr Hasson recommended 4500 grafts(FUE) and Dr. Jae Pak recommended me about 2500 (FUT although willing to go a bit higher). Dr Hasson did not specify weather it was a one day procedure or not. I use hair fibers, and it covers up the crown pretty well right now. I think even if i get a few grafts implanted there and majority on front/midscalp, it should be fine. Do you think I should go more conservative or be more aggressive for the first HT?
  18. I'm considering getting a HT done soon. One doctor suggested me about 4500 grafts. And another suggested me 2500 grafts with focus on hairline and midscalp/as far back as possible using FUT. I'm 27 and never had a HT done before. What are your suggestions/opinions? Anything is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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