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  1. Sides are mostly reversible, give it more time. For me i feel I get mild sides in waves. All of a sudden for a couple of months I may have slight erection issues, and then it goes back to normal. I don't know if something else is affecting it or if its all in my head. But if you have decided to get off Fin for good, give it some more time for your sides to go away. Try not to stress about it (easier said than done).
  2. I had some tightness in the donor area, but never had any numbness. My recipient area is kinda numb though. I'm 2.5 months post-op currently.
  3. Just came across this thread. Great result! I am very happy for you. You got a great yield!
  4. You can find my thread from my profile. I try to keep it updated.
  5. Dr. Scott Alexander in Phoenix. He used to be a recommended surgeon on here.
  6. I believe its a solution in which the grafts are stored in after harvesting and before implanting them. They give them a better chance for survival.
  7. UPDATE - Day 53 Post OP Heavy shedding is happening as expected. I think I've lost about 80% of transplanted hair. I'm honestly trying my best not to look in the mirror! LOL. But it's good for this to be done with. The only thing that can happen from here is growth! (Hopefully ) Apart from the shedding, I don't really have anything else to report. I've started taking Biotin capsules. Here are a few photos to show the shedding progress: Day 19 Post Op: Day 37 Post Op: Day 53 Post OP
  8. Dr. Gabel, Bloxham and Hasson are all fantastic surgeons for FUT. I considered all of them but ended up going with Dr. Alexander.
  9. ACell apparently helps to foster growth. That's why I opted in for it.
  10. For my FUT I was seated upright, propped up on a cushion the whole time. I just had local anesthesia so I was wide awake.
  11. Do you have any medical conditions? You might want to get checked out by a Dr. regarding your heart rate and its relation to hair loss. I can't comment there. Are you on Fin? If not, I suggest you get on that ASAP to minimize further loss. Your hair seems wavy, which is good because it covers more area. For recommended doctors just look up the pre-screen physicians at the top of this page. There are some great surgeons recommended on here.
  12. After 6 days, you should be in the clear. Don't over think it! Happy growing!
  13. @baldforalongtime - That's great to hear. I will report back on this thread with some updated photos.
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