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  1. It should be fine. I drove from Phoenix to San Jose the day after my procedure.
  2. Interesting question. I guess it's one of those marketing tactics., similar to razors for women.
  3. Are you on meds? Did you experience shock loss? For some reason you look strangely similar to me.
  4. If i have 5 walnuts, will I get better growth?
  5. You have chosen an excellent clinic and are definitely in safe hands. Eugenix has been producing some great results off late. Are you on meds currently?
  6. My surgeon said its fine to use concealer about 14 days post op. So I'm guessing the same would apply for paste/gel.
  7. My Dad is 65 and is about a Norwood 4-5. Im 29 and a Norwood 5A. Grandad on my mothers side was a Norwood 7. My Brother who is 32 is probably Norwood 1-2.
  8. Here are some photos of my donor from different angles. I trimmed down to about a 3.5 yesterday. I still have some shockloss around the scar, but its not too bad. The scar has healed pretty well. In a month or two, I expect it to be much better. The scar with hair parted and zoomed in:
  9. 4 Month Update The first three photos are the recipient area in different lightings. There has been an improvement since Month 3, but I'm a little concerned about the density. But I'm still early, so I hope there are many more sprouts to come. Let me know what you guys think. It's been a while since I updated any photos of my donor, I will do that soon.
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