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  1. The vast majority of hairlines reshape to some degree because of the influx of hormones during puberty. You could be noticing your hair transitioning from juvenile to adult. IMO, you're too young for Finasteride and other hormone altering drugs -- your endocrine system hasn't fully developed at 17. I don't think topical minoxidil (Rogaine) would be out of the question, though. Probably best to consult with a doctor who has experience treating hairloss. They can give you some actual medical advice and hopefully a little peace of mind going forward.
  2. I don't think the HRN is an echo chamber. I was trying to say that being able to have all this info and different viewpoints keeps it from becoming that, which is why I appreciate the forum. I've never trashed HLC. I only posed some questions that I thought were relevant to how they screen candidates for surgery. I also think it should be easier to find some info on the HLC surgeon's credentials. I realize that you went to them for surgery, so there's a personal component there for you, but my intent wasn't to go that route with anyone. My first post on this thread was more sarcastic t
  3. Moral support comes in different forms, it isn't just telling someone what they want to hear. Surgery is too big a decision to just live in an echo chamber and base your decisions on that. If the original poster disagrees with what I or anyone else has to say, at least he has that information to weigh in his own process.
  4. Good, I guess? When there's no more hair to lose, HLC wants you to take meds? Don't you think it's a little strange they didn't give the topic creator the same advice of 6-12 months on meds to evaluate? Or several of the other guys who have posted threads like this in the past months? Young (25 and under), aggressive ongoing hairloss, diffuse loss, etc.
  5. @Nickpatay12 I've experimented with different compounds over the last few years to manage hair loss and find something that's effective, but also something that I'm comfortable using forever. I currently use Finasteride and haven't noticed any side-effects, but I'm not super-thrilled with the idea of systemically lowering a potent androgen for my entire life, so I continue to experiment. I think if you're getting side-effects, then you're getting side-effects. Maybe consider moving on and trying something else to manage your scalp DHT. It might initially seem like there are very few optio
  6. Unfortunately, I don't believe that ingesting collagen will increase your body's production of it. I think that Tretinoin for its potential to improve localized production in your skin (not controversial) and increasing your growth hormone/ IGF-1 levels (controversial) are effective.
  7. Ouch. That was a scathing take on oral minoxidil for hair loss. I found it compelling.
  8. He hasn't gone through with his surgery, so it wasn't my intent to disparage his journey, I just didn't view it as a one yet. I was stating what I felt to be a well-intentioned warning. I would hope the same was done for me if anyone thought I was entering into a possibly bad situation. I'm scheduled with Dr. De Freitas and I intend to post the experience to the forum when my time comes. I won't make any more posts like this in the experience threads.
  9. He's not on medication. If I misunderstood and he is on meds, then it magnifies what is already a terrible decision on his part because he has more aggressive hairloss than I thought (unstable even on meds). @Jalolbek I'm trying to be supportive in the best way I know how. I don't feel that HLC is of the caliber that many on this forum do. It doesn't seem like HLC ever tells someone they aren't a good candidate for surgery. They don't give individualized online consults; everyone just receives a copy-paste and gets sorted on the day of surgery. It also doesn't seem like they ever recommen
  10. It's not unnatural. It just has more irregularities designed into it than you're probably used to seeing from a HT. IMO this kind of design takes more skill to pull off, which is why it's not more common.
  11. My prediction: HLC will have some fantastic news for you on the day of your surgery. In spite of your age, no medication, and whatever hairloss pattern you are currently experiencing, it turns out you're a great candidate for a HT. Not only that, you have an amazing donor area, so a large number of grafts won't be a problem in your first procedure. I'll give it a 50/50 for that Jay-Something guy to post a multi-paragraph explanation for why this is the best decision a young dude could possibly make and definitely nothing to be concerned about.
  12. I took Fin for 2 years but stopped 6 months before knocking up my wife. I then resumed taking Fin. I really don't think my hair got any worse. I don't care what anyone says, if there's even a .00000000000000000000001 chance of causing birth defects, I'm not risking it. At the end of the day we're only talking about hair. It's absolutely a bummer to lose it, but I would go Norwood 7 in an instant for my children's health.
  13. It will look amazing. Thanks for sharing your experience. Which surgeons operated on you? Were all six doctors there for your consultation?
  14. @Melvin-Moderator It says in the Dr. DeFreitas recommendation blurb that he has an English translator on site. You could see if they might be available to translate DeFreitas for the interview?
  15. De Freitas and Couto have an almost mythical reputation. It would be exciting to have one of them interviewed.
  16. Since you're fluent in Spanish, could you do a video interview with Dr. Freitas somehow? Like the Instagram ones you have?
  17. I apologize. My intention is positive but I come off as too blunt and aggressive sometimes.
  18. Topical Fin or Dutasteride. RU58841 or CB-03-01. Flutamide. High dose saw palmetto. These are options not recommendations. You need to do your own research to figure out what you're comfortable with. Do something. You'll save yourself a lot of grief in the future.
  19. From a technical and aesthetic standpoint I think HLC is excellent. From an ethical standpoint I have some real concerns. I've never heard of them turning down anyone for surgery. Their graft numbers are always high and never fall under their initial estimate. There was that recent 22 year old guy from Germany who was a solid Norwood 5 and they put him on Fin the day of his surgery. They advertise as a team of doctors but no one knows anything about their credentials or training. They don't even give full names of the doctors on the HLC website. @Charlii You need to d
  20. Thanks for clearing that up. I thought quality and skill might be something the HRN was trying to avoid😉 I wanted to know if there were true specific metrics or criteria a doctor needs to meet for recommendation. There are other clinics/doctors that have significantly more patient posted threads on this forum but haven't been put up for recommendation. Does someone from the HRN visit a doctor's clinic before considering a recommendation? How does the HRN continue to evaluate their recommendations over time?
  21. How many patients per day are operated on? Currently only one patient posted thread on the HRN. More patient posted threads from other doctors like Bruno Ferreira, HLC, and others. This recommendation seems like it would be based heavily on popularity rather than direct evidence from this forum. That seems antithetical to what HRN alleges it's about.
  22. I recently commented on another Cinik result and called it "stellar." This is night and day from that. Realy disheartening to see such wildly inconsistent results. I wonder how often this really happens with various clinics and doctors that we never see. There's so much disreputable shit in this industry. Either way, sorry about your result. "When I asked about 6 months ago to meet Dr. CINIK to show him the results and discuss the concerns I was told that he was far too busy for such things." This is obviously heresay and can't be verified unless you have an email from the clin
  23. You don't have to prove anything to me. I'm just another dude posting anonymously on a hair loss forum. I've become suspicious of all things HT related. It's a bit of a cesspool out there.
  24. @Gokul Krishnan There's also RU58841 and CB-03-01. These are still antiandrogens, though.
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