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  1. Looks pretty good and clean! Assuming >90% of the grafts survive, then presumably what it looks like now pre-shedding is roughly what the final product will look like (minus the reddening/inflamation).
  2. I don't think you can go wrong with Dr Bisanga if that's who you want. Very good results from him. Just be realistic in your expectations of what to expect from a HT. I'm sure to the general public, your hair post-HT with him will look natural and good without any evidence work was done, but to yourself... we are our own worst critics. I personally had mine done with Dr Ferreira a couple of weeks ago and can't fault it so far, but it is early days for me. I don't think you can go wrong with either.
  3. oh yes, I forgot about the timer function. Will try to utilise that next time! Cheers buddy.
  4. D'oh, just realised I was facing the wrong way in the light so one side is darker shaded. Please pay attention to the brighter side I'm slowly getting better at this and will try to get better pics in more consistent lighting once I am back home in London. Once I have BF's reference pics he took of my pre-surgery, I will try to set up lighting similar to it and try take similar pics to them to make for easier tracking. on another note, how are you guys so good at getting clear pictures of your back donor. My one took me forever to get! I suppose once I'm home I can have someone lend
  5. 1 Week Post-Op Just came back from the Dr's office where I had a head wash. Most of the Donor scabs came off. Recipient scabs are still there as we were more gentle in that area, but quite a few have come off in the last couple of days. Most scabs from the recpient area that came off had no hair strands so I guess I will shed a bit later. He expects the remaining scabs will come off by the 10-15 day mark. Mixed it up a bit by going outdoors onto the balcony where the light was brighter to see how visible the scars are here. Can just about see them, but still recovering so I expect it
  6. Lol, it took me a while to get why you said that before I remembered what my username was. Nah dude, Ramen is just a pun on my real surname. Though it's a common one for people of my ethnic background so it'll be hard to guess where I work if you do manage to guess what it's a pun of I do like me some Bone Daddies though.
  7. Sorry, I didn't really ask about that! Though while he was fairly concrete about saying he was aiming for 50 FU/cm2 in the hairline, for behind the hairline he gave me range of 40-50. I'm not sure if the range he gave is because it's not as important to have a super density behind the hairline (because when viewed side on the hair in front will add some extra 'false' visual density) or the range is to account for any potential hairloss of the natives from permanent shock loss. Who knows, as long as it looks good in the end I won't complain
  8. Seems about right to me. For most people the width of your hairline is about 15 cm. Keep in mind it takes around 50grafts/cm2 to achieve a native looking density. For 700 grafts thats an area of 14cm2. meaning he can get a dense looking hairline around 1cm deep with that. However, you also have native hairs present. I can't comment on the density of that, but because of that he can implant less hairs per cm2 and therefore can make implantation deeper into your hairline with 700 grafts, maybe 2cm deep instead of 1cm. Maybe enough to cover your entire thinning area. Who knows. Hard to say a
  9. My doctor said it was alright to rest on your donor area in his instructions so I'll quote what I told someone else (please correct me anybody else if I got it wrong) it is okay to support your donor area when sleeping at night (my Dr gave me special protectors to not bloody my pillow/travel-pillow as there is some expected donor bleeding on the first night). The neck pillow is to stop you sleeping on your recipient areas. The crucial thing is to not rest on recipient area where hair was implanted as that could dislodge the grafts, but resting on the donor is fine. No need to do
  10. Fair point! It's a bit out of my experience so I can't comment further on it sadly!
  11. Hmm, hard to say. I'd say a bit of both. He clearly takes a lot of care such as when he switches between manual and motorized fue depending on what he feels is better for the situation. Yours was quite clean too as you say, but your hair, similar to mine was around 50 microns so he can get away with smaller punches that perhaps promote donor healing better.
  12. Day 1 Post Op Update Already posting this one (I made the thread Day 1 Post Op too hence why the quick succession of posts) because I finally found the time to take some extra pics today. Mild itching but you get two saline bottles. One of the assistants recommended I put one in the fridge and use the cold saline spray for when I feel itchy and it does help a bit. But anyway, here's your pics! Donor Area Scalp Pretty pleased with how it looks for day 1. Pretty clean!
  13. Oh for sure, I don't plan to drop it yet. I will wait until the transplant grows out before I decide that. I want to give the Drs hair transplant a fair a shot and to not contribute any potential bad result to changes in my routine. It's more because it's difficult for me to comment on the efficacy of minox because I started it at the same time as finasteride. This experiment to determine whether minox is working for me will come at a much later time to not affect the transplant, rest assured. Similarly to my desire to switch to dutasteride full-time, I will hold off until the tran
  14. Oooh yes, i'm similarly following yours because of how similar your required surgery is to mine. Best of luck with the growing! Maybe in the future I will lower the hairline, but for now I am very happy.
  15. Literally just made the thread haha. My surgery finished up yesterday and I had time while I recover now
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