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  1. Only a minor improvement (like 2%?) and is the kind that only appears if you're looking for it, and probably hard to show in static pictures. Not a difference worth fussing over as how clean, dry or what product you use in your hair has a much bigger visual effect than what I got from taking Duta. The main reason I took it was to help strengthen my hair pre-surgery and minimise shock loss. I suppose it will help me hold on to what I already have better and for longer than fin will do alone, which is more important to me than gaining density from it.
  2. 5 month Post Op Hair has become quite long in lockdown which is definitely contributing to the illusion a bit. Feels and looks thicker, especially in real life and people have commented my hair looks thicker these days. It looks a bit thinner in photos than what I see in the mirror, I suppose the bright lighting by my window in this sunny UK weather and computational photography on iPhones automatically increasing contrast doesn't really help in showing how my hair looks in normal settings. One thing I noticed is that when wet (such as applying minoxidil in the mornings) my hair no longer becomes quite transparent and whispy. It seems to mantain a reasonable a density and not look too bad when combed. Now that barbers are open again in the UK, it will be interesting to see how it looks after a light trim...
  3. Hey, pretty good this month. I should be approaching the 5 month mark this Sunday so hopefulyl a post to follow soon after!
  4. Sure, I took some at the 4 month mark on the 18th - didn't have time to post then, but i'll do them now. Took these at roughly the same time of day/lighting and place in my living room as the previous post. Better than last month (partially because the hair is longer) but still quite a bit of a thin relative to every else. Not too bad though IMO for only four months. Here's some head on with one further out. It's dense enough that no one comments on it as looking weird and probably wouldn't notice my thin temples unless they were purposefully looking for it. At the very least, I don't feel self concious about it. And a couple extra from different angles below
  5. If you look at me head on without me leaning forward there's quite the illusion of density too, so it doesn't look too bad in real life. Considering i'm 6 foot, this is how most people see me.
  6. Hello! sorry for the delay, here's some pics of the 2 month mark and 3 month mark. At the 2 month mark my shedding had finished with maybe say 10% of hairs surviving the shed. As a useful guide i've also highlighted one of the regions with black lines that indicate an area that was basically bare naked before the HT. 2 months 3 months No real changes yet, just the 10% that survived the shed which is growing. Though under less bright my hair is looking significantly thicker than it used to at this length (maybe the 10% is helping here). I took these pictures around noon with the sun out and near my window. The reference spot near my bare temple with my mole is still fairly sparse/empty.
  7. Hey guys, I haven't forgot about this. Sometime next week i'll be exactly at the 3month mark so I will take some pictures then and post. I also took some at the 2 month mark as it was the point shortly after I finished shedding so thought it'd be a useful comparison. Unfortunately, a busy lifestyle hasn't left me much time to go through my phone and edit the photos for posting 😅 Will post both post sets of photos next week at the 3 month mark!
  8. Tying your hands with rope is probably going a bit too far haha. If you need to, wear a top while you sleep and pull your arms inside into the top through the arms (so the sleeves are empty) and then your arms can't wriggle about or be used to scratch your head. Or if it's too early for tops and you're wearing a shirt/ hoody - you should still be able to pull your arms inside them.
  9. oh, good catch! I missed that. Saw 2.5mg in the page title and assumed that was the dosage. But also, god damn, some people are taking 100mg a day!
  10. Intriguing, I just had a look at this page for loniten (2.5mg oral minoxidl). https://www.medicines.org.uk/emc/product/4294/smpc Unless i'm mistaken, the manufacturer lists quite a few side effects as being more than 'Very Common' (> 10% chance). Seem pretty risky imo. I don't think these sides are permanent though, so you could take the dice roll on this and if you get sides switch back to topical.
  11. That's right. Hopefully we will see if its an issue or not around the 4+ month mark.
  12. Yep, I posted them in my thread here. It is the most recent pics at the 1 month mark. I'm not sure if the grafts are dead because they were growing normally for the 2 weeks before the shed started and keeping pace with my normal native hair. Then they finally shed and left behind the stubble. Maybe the stubble is shedded hair that didn't fall out properly. I suppose I could check by taking a tweezer to it and seeing how easily it gives away.
  13. in for an update too, i'm in a similar situation. My stubble has been there since the day the hairs shed, It did not sprout in 'clean' areas so I doubt they're there from new grafts growing in (i'm around 6/7 weeks post op).
  14. @justgotfue is there any update? - i'm suffering from the same issue . Hair did shed, but instead of fully falling off they left behind a 'stubble'.
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