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  1. ah yeah, I would say it does look bad here. As you say, he may have had some extra work done to make it look less pluggy these days as I think it looks alright now.
  2. is Biden's plugs bad? I didn't even know he had one. Sure he's got thinning hair and bald crown he's trying to cover up by slicking his hair back, but what dude his age doesn't have a thinning hair or bad crown??? It doesn't look that unusual to me as it's not a straight hairline and he has a somewhat recessed temple area. Looks normal to me when i google it and I only know he had a transplant because of this forum.
  3. Thanks for your reply. I've booked in with him for November 17-18. I'm not as keen on putting my face out there on the internet, but I will try to see what I can do about making a thread since he does not have much threads on this forum yet.
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