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    Thinning on Top only (Genetic Baldness)
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    Norwood III
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    Maintain and Regrow Hair

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    Kurshat Yalvac ( Bellus Clinic )
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    Propecia (Finasteride)

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  1. hey, yes of course , I can. Also you can see higher my 6 months update, the pic was done under sunlight. showing hairline you mean to put my hand on hair and expose just hairline? yes of course and thanks
  2. idk but it looks normal. Maybe the light is too much that s why you can see some skin on your crown. But I think a lot of guys without baldness have crown like this
  3. My doc was Kursat Yalvac from Bellus Clinic. For example my friend, he is my fitness trainer and a bodybuilder, the same doctor did his HT and told him he can return to weightlifting after 3 weeks, but to me he told better to wait 1.5 month. Maybe because I am not so strong physically as my friend, I don't know
  4. No man, you do not need hair transplant. Your hair is so good, so many people here would wish to have hair like yours.
  5. Hi, about sweating I do not know, but I also go to gym and after hair transplant I was restricted weightlifting for 1,5 month. I started cardio after 3 weeks.
  6. you are funny here, where did you see advertising? This is forum about hair transplant and results, or maybe about something else? Or I have no right to write here about my transplant only fight with people without any reason? if you do not like my review or result nobody makes you to read it lol
  7. I do not even understand what you say lol. I see you are fighting with everybody saying a good word about turkish clinics, so I do not care if you believe or not in my review
  8. Maybe bro I do not know, because I did not do surgery at them, but I have heard good things about him and on russian forums there are good reviews, maybe they also use technicians and doctor do only consultation. That s why I advised him to ask about doctor a lot. For people in our country all of us go to Turkey for that, because it is the closest country with normal results, I have never searched for clinics in the USA or europe, I know only about Turkey. But yes really one need to be careful, I know one guy who did in Turkey and they killed even his own hair, you know they use that some guys
  9. Looks very good for that time period. I am also on my 6 months post op. After another 6 months it must be much better. Good luck
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