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  1. He will dance around this comment with "guys this is getting out of hand" and then close the thread
  2. He literally counted each hole extracted from his donor area and counted 1400 conservatively but probably more like 1600. He was told he had 800 extractions. That is the definition of lying
  3. Too many things at play going on with the site owners/moderators for him to be removed or even questioned properly.
  4. It does seem like very recently he's basically given up on proper technique and he's just doing whatever is fastest for him.
  5. I don't believe I mentioned you and certainly didn't allude to you censoring patients.
  6. You're not allowed to question John Diep's work in this forum haha
  7. Gives me huge confidence seeing FUT results like this. I'm 6 weeks in myself
  8. Yeah Toppik works wonders. Luckily I haven't had to leave the house without a hat since the procedure yet but if I do I'll be using Toppik for sure
  9. Man your donor is looking far better than mine! Damn shock loss!
  10. It doesn't provide reduced scarring, it is more spread out scarring but in terms of amount of scarring FUE probably is actually higher
  11. Density looks good to be. Appears to be lots of multi-hair grafts in the hairline but that doesn't surprise me with a Turkish clinic.
  12. I suppose so but I still want the scar to be as invisible as possile
  13. Your scar was less red than mine is now almost 5 weeks post op. I wouldn't want dissolvable stitches if I had my time over, I think they made the recovery slower in that regard.
  14. I feel you mate haha. How long until your donor scar was completely healed would you say? Also, did you get back shock loss in the donor area?
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