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  1. Why would it not grow the first time vs doing it at a later date?
  2. I don't look at the price, I look at the results first, and price second. Many western European clinics that charge double of what Turkey charges do not do a better job. They also use technicians and don't have any more great results than the Turkish clinics. Criticizing an entire country based on some bad clinics is wrong. You have to look at each individual clinic, not by individual countries. In fact you are looking at the price. Your logic is higher price is better quality. But that is not true. Cost of living is lower in Turkey vs other countries. Same goes for every o
  3. I am still waiting on these botched overharvested stories from Cinik or Demirsoy. Where are they?
  4. I have gotten a quote for DHI for 2 day back to back operation to do my hairline and crown area. They estimate around 5000 grafts. Since DHI takes longer they can not do both in one day. I very much want to do everything at once, instead of waiting a year for the next operation and having to wait 2 years for a complete result. Now I wonder if there are any downsides by doing this?
  5. What clinic did he go to? You can't say "all clinics in Turkey are bad" because there are many bad cases. I am interested in hearing about the best DHI in Turkey, not all these other bad clinics that I have no intention of going to. Statistically, if there are 100.000 procedures done per day in Turkey vs 5.000 in Spain, it is evident that there will be statistically more bad results. I know of many clinics outside of Turkey that are equally terrible according to the reviews, so it makes no sense to blame an entire country for some bad clinics. It is up to the individual clinic,
  6. Does Dr. Kaan Pekiner do the surgery himself? What is the graft price? Also if clinics like Cinik were so terrible then there would be more complaints? The threads I saw about them have had good results.
  7. They say you don't need to shave your head with DHI? Why did you shave, is it required?
  8. I am 35 and I need to do a HT. I have standard male pattern baldness on my temples and crown area. After having a consultation in my country the price was huge compared to Turkey. The clinic said I needed to do two operations, one in the front and one for the crown area. He estimated 2500 grafts for the front using FUE. Their price was 4800 EUR just for the front, which mean that the total price would come to around 8000 EUR for everything! This huge price difference and the fact they only do FUE leads me to Turkey. I have been trying to read reviews etc. but it is such a jungle
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