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    Thinning Hair Loss All over the Scalp
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    Norwood VII

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  1. i am booked and was supposed to fly to Turkey tomorrow morning and come back thursday,, now on the red list ;0(
  2. i cant see how much they charge for body hair transplant per graft..? i understand from their site its £3 per native hair graft
  3. i have not had no vaccine yet never mind needing the follow up vaccine 12 weeks later i hear...
  4. this is something i have been wondering..all seems very complicated.. there is 33 countries on the red list for quarantine in uk
  5. arghhh yes mate seems to be the case... i just need few more thousand or even one thousand to get better hairline.. but nowt left now lol. though its getting shaved anyways ie just a buzz cut like number 2 once all work is done...so not too fussed if donor area looks empty..
  6. interesting using abdomen hair,ive got loads wish they would use lol
  7. to be fair mate im not quite sure lol... ive not over analyzed it..say what has been put on my crown from my last op last July..they have all taken and spouted i had no hair there at all,now have some,, ie mostly the crown work chest and beard
  8. from the beard yes..its a very good source i think for hairs.density etc.,like they say singles but mixed in works well.there is plenty can be taken from the beard its a big area so for high norwoods like me its perfect .. most ive talked to surgeons not that keen on chest hair survival rate wise. though my chest hair is not dense either in numbers compared to other men with chest hair,so i have limited numbers chest hair
  9. yes i agree John im all for it i have always shaved it anyway. its pointless it being there.. and from a norwood 7 here i need to use it lol.
  10. i understand the anxiety i had it before my first operation and had it on my second operation too lol... now i have had two operations i know what to expect and it is nothing at all really to be worried about now as its painless
  11. i haves still got one thorough good session left on my beard to take the lot.although i would like them to go slightly higher onto bottom of chin and cheek bone just to make sure get a good amount of grafts,,,as my crown needs over 2k grafts really.
  12. ive had two sessions on my beard taken.., can cannot see any scarring.. i have had one session on my chest and can see scarring there ie. the white dots.. i assume on the chest a bigger punch is used.
  13. i have had consultations with Eugenix but only getting BHT using my beard and chest to use,which have been used already twice beard and once chest although they dont like chest hair they say and my chest hair is lacking..
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