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  1. that is something i was hoping for too.. being that i could not get any proscar in the uk so have just ordered propecia in the hope of like you say above. which i am going to take either 0.25mg every other day for starters or 0.5mg every other day there after.
  2. hello.. is there any evidence to back this up mate? i did not have as many sides on proscar every day as i did with generic finasteride.. trying to aquire Proscar at an affordable price or at all in the UK is near on impossible.. and Propecia is amde by the same company as proscar so was hoping it was exactly the same apart from 1mg instead of 5mg
  3. i have far too many sides on Finasteride... but after looking at this 0.25 even3 times a week sounds feasible now
  4. i was wondering about this area too for my final hairf transplant..seen as my beard chest and scalp now depleted.
  5. Yes seems I’ve read as you mention above on here itself,and again it has happened to me also
  6. hello all/ ive read what i can now on people on different dosage of this drug.. and also different if any side effects. i was on the brand Proscar the 5mg ones split into 4... and not much if any side effects really..maybe my mood and anxiety bit higher than normal i then ran out of Proscar ordered the 1mg UK Finasteride as could not find the Proscar stuff online in UK. started straight off on 1mg never thought nowt of it, but after chatting with a mate andd then reading ip it seemed it caused my depression anxiety worse and no libido am i right these could be stronger pills the with ingredient than prsocar brand? ive read quite alot people do 0.5mg 3 times a week which got me wondering if its enough as some say it stays in system few days so every other day or 3 times a week enough. and also at the does 0.5mg uk brand Finasteride again i see most or alot do 0.5mg every day ie 7 days a week cheers
  7. ive been Turkey twice now... everytime i have been back through the airport i have spoken to many fellow hair transplants and the amount of men who paid less than half the price of what i paid with Cinik or cosmedica. so there are these hairmills in tirkey who ar doing it at 1K basically with hotel... and straight away i will compare the work and see no density what so ever now to me these are the real bad ones in Turkey what really are giving Turkey a bad name and botched jobs as you say....
  8. not sure what to say yet mate.. like to know but think its too early to say? ie i would still like my hair line adjusting a bit more down at the sides so to speak if possible but not sure now with donor being used twice and bad donor area
  9. the first set of pics is the initilal with cosmedica and 2nd set of pics with cinik ... overall looking around 8000 grafts so far.. well 8500 grafts but i am not sure i got 3500 grafts with cosmedica like they claimed.
  10. statistically speaking are you meaning the ratio of patients per day would get the % up if any bad work would be higher with more patients per day? compared to say the recommended doctors of one patient per day who charge more but do a better job. so meaning would we should be seeing far far more bad work with the numbers being higher if the patients per day is high
  11. Sorry was an early morning post half asleep 😴 first day 3150 from my scalp back and one side 2nd day 1800 beard -chest and the other side of scalp I would say now my scalp donor would be non useable now with another op to fill crown in im 44 years old been loosing hair since 19 never taken anything for my hair till last year after my first op and used Proscar till ran out with little no sides well maybe more anxious and depressed but libido ok Swapped then to UK supplier finesteride 1mg tabs more anxious more depressed and 0 libido