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  1. Hi! Nelson I found your posting Section! Thank you a million times!

    For your honest help with my hairloss!

    1. Gabreille Nelson Mukhia

      Gabreille Nelson Mukhia

      The pleasure is all ours sir. I'm just glad that you are happy.

  2. Hi Nelson, Thank you again and the rest of the staff in Mumbai! I had a positive outcome with the surgery. I hope you can share my feedback with Dr.Pradeep Sethi and the Mumbai Staff. I was hopeing you were able to find my post, i am new to this site i dont know how it works. Nelson, thank you ,you were truthful in saying "No Worries We Can Fix It"
  3. Hello! Zoomster! On your way to the "GOOD JOURNEY" excellent choice! A word of advice, the Eugenix Facilities carry FINAX 1mg tablets. I grabbed a 3 month supply which was dumb, i should have picked up a 2 years supply while i was there. I was afraid customs in the airports were going to take my meds because i was carrying so, much. The case was, not at all, even though Eugenix gave me a medical slip to clear customs. I went from Mumbai to Kuala lumpur then home to Phnom Penh and no one checked my bookbag. Yes, my bag went thru the scanner at all airports with no worries. When i got home,
  4. Thank you! Home1212! im 41 now, it took me a 15 years, 4 failed surgerys and Joe Tilmans video report on Eugenix to find success.
  5. Hi BeHappy, I agree with you, But SMP with Good Fue is Amazing. The Down fall is after 6 months it disappears and changes color but, if you have alot of money for maintenance every 6 months you will look relay good. When i fist got smp my shaved head mixed with the hairline Fue surgery, made me look very good with shaved look. I was happy for 6 months, but then it faded out and back to looking more permanent solution. I think SMP would be more succesful if they stop charging so much, its way to expensive for those kind of results..
  6. OK, I will start with my story, i have had 1fut & 3fue and 1 micro pigmentation. (Photos Uploaded) So, I currently live in Cambodia I did some research on Eugenix , I spoke with there Rep Nelson who did an amazing job setting everything up. So my problem was that my first 3fues, Fut failed and i needed some repair, i had a thick line of bald area separating from my transplanted Hairline. The photos of "MeBefore" are of the problem i was dealing with for a long time, until i found Eugenix. Now, the photos "MeAtEugenix" are the photos of me on surgery day, at the Mumbai
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