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  1. Update: So… quite some time has passed and I finally had consultations with almost all of the doctors above (and some that weren't mentioned). What confuses me is that I received different - even contradictory - advice from all of them: - One said he won’t operate me without taking finasteride (or dutasteride) at least half a year before the operation. His main reason was that the risk is too high that my hair loss will progress (although recognizing that I do not have any miniaturized hairs yet). He also emphasized that I will have to commit to taking medication forever. - Anot
  2. Thank you @Melvin-Moderator & @Portugal25 for your responses! I will check Dr. Reddy. However, I just realized that he is charging around 2.5 per Hair NOT per Graft. Could be too much for me. I've heard of Dr. Feriduni and Dr. Bisanga in Belgium but always thought they are super expensive. I will see how much they charge during a consultation. Some prices in this forum by Dr. Bisanga really surprised me positively so maybe there is a way.. The comment about Cosmedica and ASMED was very helpful. I thought I would've been on the safe side with the VIP package. I am quite certai
  3. Hello everyone, I've been following this forum passively for quite some time and really learned a lot from all the advice you gave to each other. I am a 22 years old male from Germany with dark blonde hair. After puberty, the edges of my hairline started to recede, resulting in my overall forehead appearing larger. Basically, my hairline got higher. Behind the hairline, there are no signs of balding, and the hairline itself also does not show any reduction in density. I already had consultations with some surgeons in Germany who suggested around 2000-2500 grafts to lower my h
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