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  1. Update: So… quite some time has passed and I finally had consultations with almost all of the doctors above (and some that weren't mentioned). What confuses me is that I received different - even contradictory - advice from all of them: - One said he won’t operate me without taking finasteride (or dutasteride) at least half a year before the operation. His main reason was that the risk is too high that my hair loss will progress (although recognizing that I do not have any miniaturized hairs yet). He also emphasized that I will have to commit to taking medication forever. - Another doctor advised me to take finasteride but I could stop taking it when I am about 45 years old. After that, it is not really necessary anymore. He also mentioned that he would recommend me to wait with the transplantation until I am 25. Although it is not a ‚dealbreaker‘ to him. - On the contrary, a doctor with the same „first-class“-reputation told me I should not worry too much about medication at this point. He said a hair transplant should look great with and without medication. However, he emphasized that because I am really young I will likely require at least 2 hair transplants. Also, I must be aware that at some point medication is highly recommended. Other doctors also gave advice that is in line with one of the three examples above. I am quite confused as all doctors had a really good reputation and know their stuff. Personally, I am aware of the importance to manage the limited donor supply. Still, I feel a little bit resistant to take medication right now particularly as I do not have miniaturized hair or aggressive alopecia. Also, no one in my family has experienced hair loss before they turned 55. My approach would be to have regular check-ups with a dermatologist. As soon as I turn 45 or miniaturized hair follicles occur (whichever comes first) I would start taking (topical) finasteride. Can anyone give me feedback on what they think? Any help is highly appreciated.
  2. Thank you @Melvin-Moderator & @Portugal25 for your responses! I will check Dr. Reddy. However, I just realized that he is charging around 2.5 per Hair NOT per Graft. Could be too much for me. I've heard of Dr. Feriduni and Dr. Bisanga in Belgium but always thought they are super expensive. I will see how much they charge during a consultation. Some prices in this forum by Dr. Bisanga really surprised me positively so maybe there is a way.. The comment about Cosmedica and ASMED was very helpful. I thought I would've been on the safe side with the VIP package. I am quite certain about Dr. Ferreira now. Still waiting for his operation plan after the consultation. Depending on the consultation and price I might also consider Dr. Bisanga or Dr. Feriduni. Is there a big difference between these three when it comes to results, or is it mainly their name and reputation? Thank you!
  3. Hello everyone, I've been following this forum passively for quite some time and really learned a lot from all the advice you gave to each other. I am a 22 years old male from Germany with dark blonde hair. After puberty, the edges of my hairline started to recede, resulting in my overall forehead appearing larger. Basically, my hairline got higher. Behind the hairline, there are no signs of balding, and the hairline itself also does not show any reduction in density. I already had consultations with some surgeons in Germany who suggested around 2000-2500 grafts to lower my hairline. One renowned plastic surgeon clinic (they do not perform hair transplants themselves but offer PRP treatments) advised me to NOT get a transplant in Germany. The main arguments they brought up were the comparatively high costs in Germany and that clinics in other countries (e.g. turkey) are very specialized and have more patients and experience. I did some research and found the following surgeons interesting: Dr. Levent Acar, Cosmedica in Istanbul - DHI surgery by the Doctor himself would cost 3490 € for up to 3500 grafts Dr. Bruno Ferreira, Porto/Madrid - 2,5 €/graft Dr. Raghu Reddy, London - I've heard around 2.5 £/graft Dr. Koray Erdogan, ASMED in Instanbul - 2,5 €/graft some other surgeons I am considering: Dr. Pekiner, Dr. Keser, HLC Ankara. Is there any surgeon above you not recommend or definitely recommend? Also, are there other surgeons I should consider? I am quite worried about the procedure and the result as it is about the hairline which is always visible. Because blond people have among the highest density, the density of the receiving area is also a critical factor for me. The max price I would be comfortable paying is somewhere around € 5.000 - or is more money necessary to get a great result? Any input is highly appropriated! Thanks a lot & best wishes!
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