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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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    Thinning or Bald Spot in the Crown/Vertex
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    Maintain Existing Hair

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    Dr. Raymond Konior
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    Propecia (Finasteride)

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  1. @Melvin- ModeratorUsed the "Giphy" app on my iPhone to convert a trimmed video to a gif, then I saved it from there and uploaded it. My backdoor approach to get around that videos aren't supported.
  2. @aaron1234 Yes, I'm very happy with my choice. I wanted to do the strip because of the arguments that you can get more hairs at the end of the day by starting with strip and switching to FUE when there are no more strips to take. I had just turned 31 when I had the procedure. Depending on how my hair loss looks over the next 5-10 years, I'll either feel confident that I won't need another and do FUE to fill in the scar so that I can go shorter on the back, because why not? Or... I'll start preparing myself for a round 2 of FUT.
  3. @giegnosiganoe, You actually caused me to go back to the old high school photos and you are correct, it's not that different. I guess where it had been so thin for over a decade, I had forgotten about it doing that, as it wasn't as noticeable when styling with heavy product--I guess the clock has turned back even more than I was thinking it had. Here's the FUT scar, you can spot it, but it's not raised or anything. This video is of it at it's widest point, as you can see it gets narrower away from that center. I likely stretched it there somehow.
  4. We're now at 6.5 months, so I thought I'd share some new pictures. My hair is definitely keeping me happy--it's taken on a bit of a wavy curly aspect I never had much of before (despite wearing the "bedhead" look for going on 20 years) if anything I think it just adds more to the illusion of fullness so I'm not complaining. Thought I'd share a hairline photo as well as a downward view into the recipient area, that way there's stuff to really compare against the original photos.
  5. @aaron1234nope, it’s natural. It does lighten up in the summer though.
  6. Of course! I haven’t thought about it as much lately as I’ve been having a very active summer (and because it’s gone so well). But if I slip again, I have alerts set on this post, so just call me out!
  7. Asketh and receiveth 🤣. Approx 6.5 months post op! I am thrilled with the progress! I got a haircut this week and my stylist mentioned that I still had a good bit of shorter hairs that are still filling out and may look even better once they’re the length of everything else. @JohnAC71 & @Otar Norwood
  8. Four months in and my first normal haircut. A cropped photo at a distance (what normal people see) vs the up close bright light photo (what we all see as we inspect super closely) is a huge difference. Also, looks like I can pull off a three guard pretty well, as I can't see any hint of my scar line. Very excited to see what the next four and then a full year get me.
  9. I almost went to their Nashville branch, they are very good at selling that multi-unit approach. I went in for an ARTAS consult and left scheduled for multi-unit before I found these forums and cancelled.
  10. The drugs helped bring the incision tenderness down enough to fall asleep (I had FUT). They give you basically puppy pads when you leave to lay on. Cover those pillows well with those! I had to use two as I can move around a bit in my sleep and got some staining on the pillow the first night using just one. I would imagine sleeping on your back after FUE would be even easier, but I’ll leave that for someone whose done both. I also recommend a “cake shake” from Portillos while you’re in the area if you’re not on anything close to a diet. It’s what I popped out of surgery wanting right away after years since my last one.
  11. You're in awesome hands, champybaby, anotherhairlosssufferer, and myself have all seen Konior in the past six months for various procedures. So there's a lot of recent stuff to see in different stages/methods. However we're all healing still and can't show you final results just yet--but regarding your week in Chicago, I think we all agree that it was pretty great. Word of warning, not all hotels have smart TVs, so pack your Roku, Apple TV, etc. We had to make a Target run night before to buy one--as you'll spend a lot of time on it. I stayed at Le Meridian and rented a car and thought since the other Le Meridian's I had been to had it, this one would too.
  12. Agreed, the removal strip was the only part that hurt on me and I was taking the ibuprofen for quite some time! Also your scar looks about like mine did which I was happy with, but mine got even smaller over the past couple months I can barely find it with my fingers now @ 3 months.
  13. Hey there HT network. I thought I would give a update of where I'm at so I took some roughly three month pictures. Looking forward to continued growth and for it to get to my normal length again post shave.
  14. My consult was mid July (virtual, submitted photos and corresponded through a couple emails). I was offered July 2021 but dilly-dallied around the commitment as I was really hoping to get it done while work is remote. I messaged back the first of September and the wait was then in August 2021, but was told that an opening had come open in December if I could shuffle things and make that work on shorter notice... so I jumped online and bought a plane ticket.
  15. You'd be surprised on the variability of the wait, if you're really flexible right now (I'm assuming he would be as a local) my appointment was randomly able to be moved up from August 2021 to two weeks ago, as people wind up with last minute changes and travel restrictions. So, be willing to accept a wait, but know that you may get smiled upon.
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