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  1. No I’m continuing the finasteride. Taking every other day now.
  2. One time treatment. There are some impressive before and after photos. Far more impressive than I’ve seen with PRP. I was told most are seeing at least an 50% improvement in growth/density. A handful of patients have been non responsive.
  3. Hey guys Got the Exosomes injection done this week with Dr. McGrath. He injected 10 cc's of exosomes over the entire scalp with micro needling. Here are a couple of before pics. I am going back in for a follow up in 2 months.
  4. I hear you. Thought same thing. Blood work all looks good as of recently!
  5. Could be unrelated to the finasteride. However there are definite reports of men losing muscle mass on Finasteride out there. Lost 15 pounds not changing anything in my routine.
  6. Going to Dr. McGrath in Austin for Exosomes treatment. No follow up treatment plan. Just one session with at least 5 cc’s of exosomes. I’ll definitely share updates and pics for everyone.
  7. Hi everyone, Some great information on this forum. Just curious if anyone has done the Exosomes therapy and not been on Finasteride. I have been on it for almost a year. It is working and stopping the hair loss. However, I'm increasingly more concerned with the side effects that I've tried powering through. Loss of Muscle mass, penis sensation and libido issues to name a few. My current Doc would more or less roll eyes about finasteride side effects. I'm planning on getting Exosomes injected in 3 weeks and would like to possibly DC finasteride. Just hate to start losing ground and waste money on Exosomes. Thanks guys!