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  1. Voted yes. But still taking the drug. Planning a hair Transplant. Has definitely slowed hair loss considerably. Taking it EOD helps but still not 100% pre finasteride. Getting this topical CB anti androgen fda approved could be huge. Similar effect to Finasteride without side effects.
  2. He makes a lot of great points.... I started Oral Minox a month ago. Having some second thoughts about being on this drug long term 🤔
  3. This is a great video on the subject FYI...
  4. Sorry for delay. Here is a couple of photos as of yesterday. Still on Finasteride 1 mg EOD. Nothing changed in regimen.
  5. So people know depending on Surgeon and how much exosomes are injected, you are looking at around 5k per 5 cc’s.
  6. What you said is 100 percent correct! If I had it to do over again I’d test the waters with PRP first from a Regenerative medicine standpoint... Way less expensive than exosomes.
  7. I’ll snap some pics tomorrow. I haven’t gone back to McGrath’s for pics in exact same conditions so they won’t be apples to apples. I can assure you unfortunately, I have had absolutely zero results from the exosomes treatment. I said this in another thread, but I would encourage anyone trying this very expensive experimental treatment to expect a coin flip on results...
  8. Really don’t like how Dr. McGrath claims he has had only 4 or 5 non responders out of 800. Complete bs IMO. The thread I started with my exosomes treatment there were several that claimed zero results. Along with myself. Very very expensive so I would caution anyone interested in doing this to understand it’s probably more of a coin flip on getting results.
  9. Looks great for months compared to a lot I’ve seen! I’m still contemplating oral Minox as well.
  10. Melvin have you started yet? I’m considering Oral Minox as well but still not 100% sure. Really curious about people with water retention issues, facial bloating and course the issues with pulse give me some pause :/.
  11. I’ll post some and have you take a look. See what you think. Medicines used locally do go systemic. Why else would we rub testosterone cream on our shoulders and balls? Sure the injections and orals have a far greater effect systemically. i have zero doubts that some off these topical formulations do a much better job than others of staying local.
  12. He had me do some scalp exercises to test laxity on the Skype and said it looked pretty good. Just said to do the scalp stretching exercises before surgery as much as possible!
  13. Also I specifically asked about how many more grafts available starting with FUT then moving to FUE and was told of course depends on patient but in general around 2-3k.
  14. Hey Guys Did the Skype with Dr. Wong this week. Great talk with him 👍. Few points to follow up with everyone. He definitely agreed starting with FUT would be the best way for me to proceed if I wanted crown coverage in the future. He also said I would be a better FUT candidate with my specific hair loss pattern and need to maximize graft count numbers. I’d say this Skype vs just sending In pictures was very helpful.
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