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  1. Regarding the topic of "Should I have a transplant without Finasteride?"; I met with a well respected hair loss surgeon in London the other week, who told me that it is really a case of donor capacity/quality and a willingness to undergo multiple procedures potentially in future. Apparently many of his patients are not on Fin, so people clearly do it, but it's for you to discuss the pros and cons with several doctors and take a calculated risk, or not. I think if you proceed without Fin then it's all the more important to save some cash to go with one of the very best surgeons with a trac
  2. Yes, however Breezula didn't receive the FDA approval, only Winlevi. But it's the same ingredient. It might be that some doctors would prescribe Winlevi off-label. Who knows. Here's hoping. #lovemyhairbutlovemydi**more
  3. The drug that has just been approved by the FDA is Winlevi, as a treatment for acne. The company is Cassiopea, which is simultaneously developing Breezula, which contains exactly the same active ingredient (Clascoterone) but at a higher concentration (circa 7%) for male pattern baldness. I believe the intended market launch would be 2022 for Breezula, were it to be FDA approved. But Winlevi getting the approval is obviously a good sign, even though it's for a different indication. https://www.cassiopea.com/company/ I think it's something to be optimistic about. And I am opt
  4. Agreed. Could be a fan, but certainly reads very suspiciously.
  5. Just another sleazy salesperson masquerading as a consumer advocate. Had a chat with him not long ago and he just tried to hard sell me GroMD shampoo like it was the second coming of Christ. It's obviously ironic and depressing in equal measure that he does this off the back of being screwed over himself as a youngster in this industry.
  6. Hi TheForkLift, Any update? Hope things have started kicking more into motion for you. Best, Maz
  7. Oh and Melvin who moderates this forum is someone who has had a superb result without Finasteride. I'm not saying it will be like that for all, but it isn't a foregone conclusion.
  8. I have put the question of "Is it worth having a transplant without Finasteride?" to many surgeons and most say it is, provided you have a good enough donor and are willing to make some sacrifices. I read this the other week: https://www.iahrs.org/q-a/is-it-worth-having-a-hair-transplant-if-i-dont-take-propecia It's such a minefield of differing opinion, because some people would say don't touch a transplant until your hair has stabilised, which, if you're not taking medication, is something that would otherwise be most likely to come with age. But then do I want to be unhappy w
  9. Hi Fahri, I likewise hate sitting on the fence, which is what I have also done with Finasteride. I am also usually quite a decision maker and don't follow hyperbole & unsubstantiated claims on internet forums. If it were only that, I think I would have less of an issue. I think what has irked me is the fact that there are quite a few medical doctors who speak out against the use of Propecia/Finasteride. That is what unnerves me, not forum users. Again, it isn't about the 99% of people who have no issue, like Ciaus, it is about your state of mind and ability to deal with some
  10. Hi Deanomag, I would suggest discussing your concerns with Dr Reddy himself and also with your GP. You then have two medical opinions upon which to base your decision, because the internet is a minefield of disinformation at the best of times.
  11. Hi Fahri, what you've written about is the same thought that goes round and round in the heads of most men with a desire to preserve their hair using Finasteride and a connection to the internet! I started taking Finasteride last year and had some side effects and so I stopped the medication. Was this just because of all of the horror stories I'd read, or did I really react to the drug? I have no clue. In a way, the result is kind of the same. And I would never stop worrying about it, because that's just how my mind works. I put this question to my wife; If you were losing your hair (argu
  12. If you are trying for a baby now, why even run the risk of a lower sperm count? If you've decided to use Finasteride, just wait until your baby is conceived and then go straight on it. I've had several doctors tell me that they recommend not using Finasteride when trying to conceive, not because they've got hard evidence to back it up, but because there's a chance and why even bother taking it.
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