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  1. I recently had a HT after wearing a system for 5 years, so I know how you feel. You definitely have options and it's not too late. You're right not to put price and location as your biggest factor. I'm also from the UK, have a look at my topic. I'm sure some people will tell you the best Dr's to visit. Ps, are you on fin/dut?
  2. I think you could try a system, there is no harm in giving it a go. As much as I'm against them, I do realise that there are times when a system may be the best option. I take it you would be open and honest about wearing one? It would be difficult to go from slick bald to full head of hair. If you go ahead with purchasing a system, I can give you many tips and advice, feel free to message me about it. Like @LaserCap said, SMP could be a good option too, I've seen some astounding results recently here in these forums, definitely look into that.
  3. That actually looks incredible. I would never know that was SMP.
  4. Already looks fantastic, can't wait to see your updates over the next few months, gonna look amazing I bet,
  5. I would beg that you please just reconsider the hair system for now and concentrate on other options first. Have you tried any medications? Can we see some pics? I will try and answer a couple of your questions but I would never recommend you wear a hair system, I wore one for 5 years. They can look great and that's true, I don't think anyone ever knew I was wearing one apart from those I told. So yes, they can look very good and just like real hair but this takes time, effort and money. Believe me, if you can afford a hair system then you can afford a hair transplant, they are not cheap and if you go cheap, it looks like a wig. You would replace it ideally every 3 months at the most, do not have them repaired and do not go for cheaper more durable base materials, they look like wigs.
  6. @BeHappy thanks for your reply, this side to wearing a system is not spoken about enough and I can't bare to see anymore videos on YT glorifying them. I can't imagine how difficult going through that at 20 must've been, I was 27 and wore one for 5 years and it ruined my mental health in way that I'm still recovering from. It's really hard for me to read comments from those who wear these 'systems', they can look great yes but the price you pay both mentally and physically is not even close to being worth it and I could never wish that mental torture on anyone - let alone recommend someone wear one.
  7. If I had your hair I would not even be considering a HT! You have really nice hair, go spend your money on something else. 😁
  8. @Melvin-Moderator Thanks for this video! I definitely feel better for watching it. Did you ever make it a sticky?
  9. @SJB91 Looks good so far! Will be following you're progress.
  10. How long have you been taking Fin? I think it would be better for you to stick with Fin and see how you respond. You might get some slight regrowth and your hair might thicken up, which makes for a better base for a HT. HT really should be a last resort, as it was for me and many others. I would definitely exhaust your other options before going for a HT. I really don't think you're quite at the stage where you need a HT just yet but that's my opinion and I'll be interested to see what more experienced members have to say.
  11. Use some hair serum/oil on the areas that you're applying your fibers to, then lock them in with a decent strong hold hairspray. As for applying the fibers, use a small makeup brush and dab, don't apply it like it's salt. 😅😂
  12. Your results are incredible, just looking at your pics you can see the amazing difference in you.
  13. 11 days post op mini update. Most of the scabs have come off now, still have the mini blue dot on my scalp but I can see it's fading. Any feedback is always appreciated. Thanks 😇🤩
  14. Yeah I totally agree. I didn't even look at their score on TP until after my surgery and they asked me to write a review. Thank god for HRN.
  15. I wish money wasn't such a big factor but it literally took me years to save up just enough for a HT in Turkey. Short of winning the lottery, it was the best option available to me. 🤔
  16. Not all of them will be fake, I left one for Cinik and that wasn't fake. I know of others who left reviews for him on there too and they weren't fake.
  17. This is getting boring now, I haven't recommended any clinics based on anything other than my own experience. As you will see in my reply to @Foobar.
  18. I wouldn't ever recommend anyone make their choice based on TP alone, I'm fully aware how easy it is to fake reviews on there but not all will be fake.
  19. @Portugal25 Clearly you have issues and until you can sort that out, there is no further discussion to be had with you. Facts are facts and Cinik has done a lot of good work lately, no opinion will alter that and quoting topics that are years old won't either. Going to ignore the points you made about Cinik advertising at a football match, that's irrelevant and doesn't impact on results. Cinik has a score of 4.8 on Trustpilot - out of 509 reviews. @Foobar Sorry for hijacking your thread. I can share with you my experience of Cinik. I was treated with a high level of professionalism before, during and after the surgery. At the minute I'm only 10 days post op but I can tell you I am very happy with my progress so far, it really has made me a lot happier and I wish I did it sooner. Definitely would recommend Cinik to anyone, if you can afford it then maybe go elsewhere but I don't think you'd be disappointed with Cinik. @rob7331 100% agree with everything you said, couldn't have said it better myself.
  20. You haven't managed to prove anything? You found another old topic, hardly showing the many there would be given the now 18 procedures a day. Is there a surgeon out there who doesn't have a bad review? I can't tell if you're being serious or not anymore. I have been there myself, to the clinic, seen it with my own eyes. I went back daily for hair washes for 6 days and saw none of what you claim. You don't make much sense to me, it sounds like you're mad because Turkey can provide you a good result at an affordable price. Gone are the days when people had to remortgage their home for a HT. No wonder other doctors bad mouth them, of course they would. If someone was providing a similar service and charging 50+% less, you'd be mad and discredit them too. Everywhere has good and bad clinics and that's all there is to it. I'm done talking about this now as you keep taking the discussion in other directions and still have yet to prove anything you've claimed. My opinion is based on recent posts and experiences shared by real patients.
  21. What you just linked to is 2 years old. If you Google 'insert clinic here' and 'bad result' you'll pull up such results. How about all the disasters at other clinics that charge a hell of a lot more? No clinic is without their bad reviews. You're yet again quoting these others doctors and going off topic, that is not the discussion we're having. What we are talking about is all the bad experiences people have recently had in Turkey @Cinik, yet you can only link to another forum with a post that's 2 years old. It doesn't matter what Melvin or anyone else says, without proof it's all just conjecture. You're basically saying that anyone like myself and @Bax, @Pauls had not bothered to research anything and went with cheap all the way. When I can tell you this, I came to this forum and looked at reviews and results and it was some of the posts here that actually led me to use Cinik.
  22. Then why would you not show me where all your evidence is? IF what you're saying is true, I may not have used Cinik and gone elsewhere. Why would you not want to share that valuable information and stop others from potentially making a huge mistake? Do you not think that I and anyone else who used Cinik, had gone away and read real reviews and looked at real results by patients? You still have not managed to back up anything that you claimed and keep taking the discussion in other directions. Where are all these horror stories? Show us.
  23. You definitely have a biased opinion and clearly don't actually know what you're talking about. Don't spiral the discussion into comparing doctors, you can't believe that charging more for less work equals a better guaranteed result. What about those that have 1000 grafts or less and still pay 2990€? You are assuming everyone has a huge amount of grafts, that's incorrect. As for comparing, please don't. That isn't what the discussion is, we are here to discuss why Turkey is so bad and for you to provide evidence to back up what you're saying.
  24. Yes, I'm aware about technicians not needing a medical background. That just means they don't need a medical background, you can't just assume that everyone therefore won't have any experience or qualifications that apply. You doubt they have skills to perform surgery, then were are all the horror stories? 8 procedures per day, I would expect to see a lot of horror stories, not just here but everywhere. Do you actually know what you're talking about? My surgery was not that cheap, certainly not cheap to people living in Turkey either.