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  1. This is so true, I'm only 5 months post op but this is currently my life, I try not to look at my hair in the mirror all the time but I can't help it. 😅😆
  2. Looks like great work. I can see how they've angled the grafts around your crown too, impressive.
  3. Your results are amazing, quite inspiring actually, really pleased for you.
  4. Yeah, I am happy with my results so far 😄 wasn't always the case though, I had a lot of worries about my hair throughout this process tbh but everything just kept getting better, I have a feeling it will be the same for you too. Happy to answer any Q's just message me. 🙏
  5. @PeezusI think I replied to your thread on Reddit? Just try and take a step back for a minute, everything could look SO much better in a few short months and if nothing else, you're young and have plenty of time. You're definitely not a point of no return. Just give it time and re-evaluate the situation. I actually don't think your hair looks that bad to be honest but that's not to say you don't have the right to feel the way you do about it, I've had some real dark times due to my hair too. Feel free to message me here or preferably on Reddit and we can chat a bit more.
  6. Thank you 😁 I think I owe a lot of my result to Dutasteride, I feel very lucky.
  7. I know exactly how you feel but you'll be fine, just do a gentle massage all over you scalp with the shampoo for now, you can use more pressure around day 10 onwards. Use a cup to rinse the shampoo off for the first week or so, then you can use the shower head. I think we all felt paranoid about touching the grafts in the beginning but you'll be okay, try not to worry. Happy growing. 😊
  8. I would say shampooing is important because you need to help the scabs fall off but that probably won't happen until day 10+. The best advice I can give is to follow your post op instructions from your surgeon, regardless of what anyone else may say.
  9. This video literally broke my heart 💔, nobody should have to go through this shit. I just hope some younger guys manage to see this before rushing into a HT at a young age.
  10. Looks fantastic considering the amount of grafts you had, really nice.
  11. I didn't spray mine at all tbh, just regular shampooing from day 3 or 4 onwards.
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